35 Best Online Earning Websites- Requires No Investment.

35 best Online Earning Websites Without Investment you can start earning

You are a fresher or an experienced digital entrepreneur, we have something new for everyone. Let’s dive deeper to win the internet.

I get thousands of messages on daily basis to help, I help as much as I could. Really thankful for the people sharing and help me grow this website.

#35 Best Online Earning Websites:

Yes, we are literally trying to end your pain and give you as many sites as you never feel for looking at any other article and start making money online.

Almost all of these #100 sites are globally available and you can work form your mobile (Smartphone) to make money online.

1. MaxBounty– It’s is the highest paying small task website. Using this site, you can promote products, services, complete surveys, and for all of these, they will pay $1000+ dollars. Fortunately, we have a detailed post about affiliate marking to help you start here.

  • Free to register at MaxBounty.
  • Take your affiliate link and share it with your friends and family.
  • You can also promote online or via YouTube and get paid.
  • They pay normally $2 for one min. of the task.
  • Many top people make $50000+/ mon online.

2. Freelancer Website– Yes, we have tased about freeloading in our previous posts and it’s really trusted and free source of earning. A detailed post on freelancing is here.

  • Create a freelancer account.
  • Bid on various jobs posted there.
  • Work and get paid in any currency you like.
  • Normally, people make up to $1000 per month.

3. InboxDollar (USA)– InboxDollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping! New users also receive $5 just for joining.

  • Register for free and get a $5 free bonus.
  • Complete small tasks and get paid for them.
  • They pay up to $50 per task.

4. Couponchief.com – Unlike other websites, this has something really different to do. All you need to create an account and share the coupon code/ deals with your friends, families, or social account and you will make a huge commission on all the purchases done using your coupon code.

5. SurveyJunkie– You can signup for SurveyJunkie and start earning rewards and cash for their opinions. Lead converts on DOI.

    • Users must be 16+ to apply to Survey Junkie.
    • Publishers cannot direct link through search traffic.
    • Do small tasks and make money easily as have almost all kinds of surveys, video ads, and more.

6. TestBrocker– This website allows you to write articles for top companies and websites and get paid for the content. Many tops companies like eBay, Amazon, hire bloggers for their blogging needs.

No matter where you live, These websites are open for everyone and provide articles and make money from home. You can take it as your side hustle also.

For 500 word articles, they typically pay you $25, which will really high as compares to others.

7. Rev Speech To Text Services– This is a really awesome, high-paying, and globally trusted website to make money online.

Well, As it can be seen from the above images, this website really helps you to easily make money. Just assign and you do the easiest works like Caption writing, converting audio to text, and creating video subtitles.

8. Merch By Amazon–  It’s really awesome to sell you designs on Amazon and make money.

  • Simply create and upload your artwork.
  • Choose a product type and color, and add a product description.
  • They’ll create a product page on Amazon and when customers buy your product,
  • They’ll handle production, shipping, and customer service — all with no upfront costs.
  • Isn’t it cool to start? Well, I will love, if you could share this post with your friends.

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9. YouTube– Yes, it could be a great source of income. I have seen people making $5000+ every month and doing very little work.

  • Create great video content of any niche.
  • Do SEO and Video SEO to grow your YouTube channel and videos.
  • Monetise the video with ads, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours before you can monetize.
  • Make money on every ad shown on your video when someone watches them.
    That’s all.
  • YouTube pays somewhere between $2 to $100 per 1000 views. It depends on ads’ watch duration, video country, user country, video niche, and number of views.

10. Fiverr.com– Just like any freelancer website, you can post your services here and employers from any part of the globe can hire to help them set up their website, write articles, designing graphics, promoting business, and any other services that you have to offer.

11. Neevo.io – It plays to train Artificial intelligence bots online.  You simply tell them about what as a human, you see on screen and they elect that…. this was bot will also understand. Yes, for that you are paid huge extra money.

12. Userlytics – Well, here you are paid to test different websites and software that how friendly and smooth they are. Bind brands like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others to test their services before rolling out.

Yes, for using their services and testing, you are paid huge money per product basis or hourly.

    • Tasks are assigned based on your age and skill.
    • Pay $5 to #50 per task basis.
    • Always free to join and make money.

13. Loop11– It’s also a similar task website, you can join for free.

14- UserBrain– Just like UserLytics, you can test the software and tools and get paid on a per-task basis.

15 UserTesting– It is the most popular and high-paying testing website like Loop11 and UserBrain.

Register at Usertesting.com and complete a small testing task.
They pay normally $15 to $100 per task.
#Affiliate Marketing Website: Start Earning Money Online.

16. ClickBank – Register for a free account and promote other people’s products and get a commission of up to 60% per sale. It is just like MaxBounty.

17. CJ Affiliate – It’s also a free affiliate marking website and has exclusive deals which are not available anywhere else.

    • Trusted by many big brands.
    • Paid nearly paid 1 billion in commission to its users last year.
    • You can also find GoDaddy hosting offer here on the CJ Affiliate website and make money from it if you are a developer.

18. ShareASale – It’s a very comprehensive and easy-to-use affiliate marking website. Like others, you will get great deals here to promote and make money from.

19. PeerFly– Just like other affiliate marketing websites, It’s also a high-paying website to make money by promoting other products and earning a commission.

High Paying Freelancing Websites:

We have already discussed freelancer.com and Fiverr.com above. Let’s cover some of the top-notch sides with lesser competition.

20. UpWork– upward is a most trusted website have paid billions to its user so-far.

    • Both employer and employee create an account here for free.
    • Users who want to earn, bids on the projects created by employers.
    • They discuss and close the deal.
    • After completion of work, upward takes approx 10% of your earning, and the rest is transferred to your local bank account or PayPal.
    • You can do all kinds of works, like Website designing, digital marking, data entry, virtual support, and more.
    • It accepts only 3 to 5% of tops people globally on its platform. You can try freelance, if not approved.

21- Guru.com– Just like UpWork, you can create and get hired here for projects. It has lesser competition and high earning potential as compared to others.

22- PeoplePerHour– Unlike others, it is a highly popular freelancing website among United States users.

They offer hourly basis work.
Have very little completion as compared to others.
Free to register and start.
23. Trulancer– Just like other freelancing websites here you will find one million-plus skilled freelancer earrings every day.

Join for free and share making money here > www.truelancer.com

Earn Form Social Media Websites:

Though it’s hard to believe, it’s possible to make money from all social media websites. Let’s learn how?

24. Facebook.com– Yes, you can make money from Facebook.com and it’s far easy than you think.

    • Create a Facebook account.
    • Create a page on your Facebook account. (What How Here)
    • Now, post new things regularly on your page. You can post YouTube video links, banners, and videos.
    • Grow followers and later promote paid things to the follower.
    • Once they take paid services, you will make money.

25. Instagram– Similarly, Grow your Instagram account, and later brands and marketers will pay you to post their service on your account.

Best Free Websites For Blogging:

Fortunately, A free blogging website can also make you a lot of money online. Let’s learn about some of the best blogging websites to help you make money.

26. Blogger– You can create a blogger website for free and make money from it. Let’s learn how.

    • Create a free website at Blogger. (Watch Here.)
    • Write an article on any niche you like.
    • Monetize your blog with Google Adsense.
    • Make money when someone clicks on your ads.

27. Quora– It is just like blogging. Quora is a QNA website and you can create your spaces and answer questions asked there. As soon as you qualify for Quora revenue sharing, you will pay for ads shown next to your answer.

Here, we have a great video explaining different ways of making money from Quora.

28. Medium.com– Just like your personal blogging website, you can write an article on Medium.com for free and get a huge audience.

  • You can post articles contains your affiliate links.
  • You can encourage people to take paid services with. your posts.
  • They can even follow and donate to you.
  • You can make $100 to $1000/ month with medium.com.

Print And Sell Services Websites:

There are some top-notch websites where you can sell your designs and get paid for them. Well, it’s easy and free all you need to do is creating a design and uploading to the website.

When someone comes to these websites likes your design and products printed with these designs on their website, they place an order.

You have nothing to do, comply will itself print the design on customers desired products and ship to the customer, and you are paid commission on it.

It’s it cool?

There are some best sites for this:

29. Redbubble.com – Gets nearly 15+ million traffic per month.

30. Zazzle.com – It also gets really 15 million traffic and a good number of sales.

31. SpreadShirt.com– It gets nearly 2 to 5 million traffic and a good number of sales for all the designs listed here. Your potential of earning $200 to $200o is very high.

I am sure you have got Google ideas of websites to start working and making money online.

Rest top website to make money online can be found in the video here –

Best Survey Websites:

32. Google Opinion Rewards–  it’s a Google Play Store application launched by Google Inc. to help you get paid by taking small surveys.

Las-time, When I took a survey, I was paid $20. It’s really awesome and the best website.

Alternative Top Paid Survey Websites:

33. Citizenme.com 

34. PrizeRebel– Yes, here too, you can take paid surveys.

35. Essaypro.com– It looks crazy to find that this website can make money but here is the catch. Many people, particularly students need essays for their homework or presentation.

Well, you write essays for them and get paid from this website “ËssayPro”. They handle it all, you just need to create a free account and make money from it.

I feel bad, but this post is getting bigger, please find all the other trusted websites to make money online in the above video.

If you have a question, I am more than happy to help you there. Please feel free to contact me here.


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