Apple Has Launched The New iPhone 12 | Check Specks And Pricing.

All About iPhone 12. Learn now.

Seeing a huge competition as I understand. Apple is now trying to cut the cost. Apple has launched the new iPhone 12 at a slightly lower price and with improved features.

** Previously-

Apple was expected to launch the iPhone XII by the end of Sept. 2020. However, As per rumors, I can hope for the best price and features as compared to previous versions.

iPhone 12 has four new models like iPhone XII, iPhone XII pro,  iPhone XII Max, and other you can know watching the video below.

Let’s watch the video below to know all about the specs and pricing of the iPhone 12.

It is believed that Apple will launch the new iPhone 12 variations starting from $650+ to $1200.

If you are from India, We have a special video for Indians this time. Please click the play button below to watch the video in Hindi.

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