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UPDATE ON CORONAVIRUS | Stay Safe And Healthy.

Dear friends, Seeing the current pandemic (Coronavirus) and to help the community and save it from it, We are one a mission to make your aware of daly COVID-19 cases and rising numbers of the infected people in different countries.

We wish you good help. Please keep yourself updates with cover-19 related news and take protective measures.

However, It is believed that coronavirus vaccine will soon made available for people across the globe. Many people are already taking risks to help science to develop the vaccine.

Russia has completed the human trial successfully and two major brand in India also have got primary clearances and conducting human trails now.

Best this is that, We can expect the coronavirus vaccine bey the end of 2020.

WHO have release a new notification that, It is spreading with air also. We must should wear mask to stay out of this infection. However, It is more dangerous for kids and elderly people.

Please, please maintain social distance and don’t panic.

Hoydroxycloroquine has beed seen effective for the people in early stages.

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