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I am going to share my best free website traffic generator tools and secret strategies, which work for almost everyone.

Some methods are best to drive free traffic instantly while others require some patience. It is not like a piece of cake.

To be honest, you need to put in your hard work to generate stable and loyal audience traffic to your blog or any website you create.

We have shared the 5 best ways to drive free traffic to your website in our previous posts. However, this article is to give you detailed insights about the best free website traffic generator tools.

Yes, they generate huge traffic for your website for free.

Best free website traffic generator:

I understand the pain of having a website without traffic and expensive traffic sources like paid ads. But, these methods drive keyword-targeted traffic for absolutely free.

Best free website traffic generator to get instant traffic to your website. It helps your website to rank easily but they have some limitations.

Pros and cons:

  • You will have to check (open) other websites in exchange for getting views on your own website or web pages.
  • They only allow 25 free traffic every day in the exchange. But if you like, you can pay a fee of $29/year and get 100 free traffic on daily basis.
  • You can advertise your website on their ads network for a very small fee as compared to other paid ads.

As you can see from the above images, you can easily free traffic for your website.

I use this free website traffic generator sometimes if I write a new post to help others. But this method is quite powerful and different from the best 5 free website traffic sources we discussed earlier.

Keyword targeted traffic

We all know that keyword-targeted traffic is something that generates more sales, revenue, and engagement on a website.

But, how can your get that?

Well,,, and Facebook are the best websites to drive free keyword targeted traffic to your website.

Yes, they have 90+ domain authorities and millions of traffic every month. They are the best places to get free keyword-targeted traffic.

On you write answers related to your keywords and include links to your web page to get free traffic.

Even, you can post on to get more readers and free traffic to your website. Basically, these are referral traffics.

You can learn about free Quora, Medium, and Facebook traffic in detail from our previous post here.

Free traffic generator for blog

As Google suggests, blogging is among the top 3 methods of generating huge money with the help of Google Adsence.

But, without free traffic to your blog, you can’t make money of your own.

Don’t worry! You are at the right place.

1. BlogLoving Website

It is a free blog sharing and guest posting website designed for bloggers. You can add your blog website to this website for free traffic.

Follow these steps to add your website to Bloglovin.

  1. Signup at the Bloglovin website.
  2. Go to the search section as shown in the above images and enter your website there.
  3. Paste a code on any of your blog posts to verify.
  4. That’s all. Your blog has been added to Bloglovin.

As you can see from the screenshot. On the top right section, there is a tab of “Add Post“, you can also use it to write fresh posts directly.

Even you can include links to your posts on the articles you write there.

Rank no #1 on Google.

If you could rank your website no #1 on Google for any keywords, you will start getting free organic to your website for free.

Google is also the best free website traffic generator for all kinds of websites. If you know SEO or how to write SEO-optimized articles, you will surely see a huge traffic surge directly coming from Google.

An article published in Forbes magazine about “how to rank number one on Google” gives the most successful tips and tricks to rank no one.


There are many best free ways to drive traffic to your website. If you are looking for instant traffic, you should use, however for sustainable and targeted traffic, you should use other methods, we discussed above.

Bloglovin, FB, YouTube, and SEO are some best resources I love to drive traffic for my website. 

Hope this article, gave you meaningful insights into the best free website traffic generators. If you need any help further, please contact us.

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