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Are you looking for top website builders near me or website Creators? Well, I have compiled a list of 10+ top website creators to help your get design highly converting websites.

* Please read the full post, as we have covered all important things you should consider and know before looking for website creators or freelancers.

Are you excited? let’s dive deeper and understand why you need to choose the right website creators, agency or tools to help you design or promote your website?

  1. They charge a reasonable price.
  2. Offer the best support when needed.
  3. You face little challenges on your website.
  4. Sites are well optimized and the best fit for SEO.
  5. Affordable maintenance cost.
  6. Offer the best speed to websites they design.

These are the main reasons to consider choosing the right website creators or website designers or freelancers for all your website and marketing needs.

#What All You Need For  A Good Website?

Fortunately, websites don’t require too many things but they need to be created with passion and taking care of great user experiences.

  • You will need a free/paid domain.
  • Web-hosting for storing website files. Normally referred to as servers.
  • SSL for your site to secure and encrypt all the data on your website. You can learn more about SSL here.
  • And a web creator or freelancer

That’s all. You are good to go for setting up your website. Professional website designers often use WordPress, Cloudflare, and other SEO tool themselves to boost your website performance.

#Best Platforms For New Websites

Normally it depends on the nature of your business. You can get your website designed using various languages and CMS tools like WordPress.

However, WordPress is one of the most trusted and massively used website designing tools. Many developers use this and nearly 25% of websites in the world are currently built on WP.

Q. What makes WordPress so special?

  1. It a free open-source tool and can be hosted on your own servers.
  2. Most popular and user-friendly for users and website ADMIN.
  3. Doesn’t require a lot of money to design a professional website. Best choice for all sites and better than Wix sites. You can get your website designed for as low as $100.
  4. They come with many free community plugins and they can add extra features to your website at no cost, unlike Wix.
  5. There are many free themes available to design your website and even you can get paid template and launch your site in a few days.

Fortunately, We also use WordPress for our blog but that’s not all. You can design almost all kinds of websites like e-commerce, travel portal, and others.

# The Best Website Creators

If you don’t choose the right agency or freelancer, you may have to suffer. Let’s look at some of the best website creators in the USA. Though some of them a are work globally.

You can reach a theme and get your website designed or business promoted from any country. 

  • Plans starts @ $5.9/ Month.

  • They design your website.

  • Free 1 yr premium suport.

  • Many freelancer are available. 

  • Pay as per your project.

  • 15 to 30 free support. Website

  • Plans starts @ $19 per Mon

  • Drag-N-Drop Website builder 

  • Best chat support.


  • Free domain with hosting.

  • Drag-N- drop desiging.

  • Premium chat support.

    Wix Designer

  • In build AI Web designer. 

  • Starts @ $7 per month.

  • Plugins cost alot.


  • Plans starts @ $12 per month

  • Drag-n-drop designer 

  • 24x7 support.

  • Join and hire freelancers. 

  • Pay as per project.

  • 24x7 chat suport.

  • Best landing pages desiger

  • Plans start @ $37 per month 

  • 24x7 best support.

  • You can hire me to design.

  • Starts @ $100 per website

  • Email and chat support.
  • Drag-n-drop website builder.

  • Starts @ $5 per month.

  • Call, chat and email support.

Well, we found the best website designing websites and ways and you can select anyone from the list above to design your website.

#Website designers and average costs-

Designing a website may cost $50 to $5000 or even more if want something out of the box.  However, We have listed some of the popular website types and cost many have to bear.

Website Type  Website Platform Cost of designing (Average)
Travel website/ Ecommerce/ Blog / Portfolio WordPress


Wix Website

$150 to $1000
E-Commerce/ Finacial services/ business portfolio HTML, PHP, JAVA,


$250 to $5000
Education/ or others WordPress $200 to $1500
Educational/ Cab booking/ Other Custom Coded $1000 to $150000

I Hope, these charges have given you better ideas of what your need and how much you may have to hire a website designer.

Though, most of the websites you can get designed on WordPress for just $100 to $150. SitesDesire is the most affordable place to get your website designed.

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#SitesDesire Vs Pricing

Well, If you compare to the best sites there are high chances that you will win the high pricing brands… However, It’s a myth that expensive things are better always.

I have seen many stocks launching at just $10/ share and within a few years that have turned multi-bagger. Meaning multiplied the investments a lot whereas high valued stocks still make 10 to 30% return.

I know it is an off-topic example but the thing we learn here is, vision and passion show toward their customers.

Let’s compare SidesDesire and Now

1. SitesDesire Digital agency pros and cons-

Pros Here-

  • You need not design your site, Just subscribe to the plans and they will do all for you as per your requirements.
  • The monthly subscription charges start at just $6/ Mon.
  • Mostly design websites on CMS like WordPress.
  • Their pricing plans are nearly 4 times cheaper than other brands.
  • Very responsive and best support on email.
  • Refund 70 to 80% of the development cost, if you don’t like the designs.
  • Free website daily backup.

Cons of SitesDesire

  • They charge a higher fee for the first month if you subscribe to the plan. Nearly 2 to 3 times of the monthly plan.
  • You can’t design your website YourSelf. However, after the website is designed, they share admin details and you can make changes.
  • You must subscribe for 1 Year at least.
  • The refund of only 70% of the subscription changes only if you cancel within 30 days of subscriptions.

1. pros and cons-

Pros Here –

  • Pricing plans start at $24/ month only.
  • Drag-n-drop website builder.
  • You can design your website the way you want.
  • 250+ pre-built designs to select from.
  • You can hire a freelancer to work for you from the same website.
  • Simple blog or website migration.
  • Trusted by thousands of users and an established brand as compared to
  • Chat support.

Cons Here-

  • Moderately high charges for starting up your website.
  • You will have to hire separately to design the website else design yourself.
  • Support response time is a little higher.
  • Even charges are high for the basic plan but features are also a lot compromised.


If you wish to save cost, better support, and get it designed at no extra cost, you should consider else you can design your own website at

There could be little higher charges but it is worth going for it also.

#Website builders near any places in the USA

If you are not okay with going to any of the above websites and looking for a website designer near you. You should follow the below-given STEPS:-

  • Visit the Yelp website.
  • Enter the keywords “Website design agency or Website designer” in the search files on the home page.
  • Allow the GPS location permission for the website.
  • Select the location where you are looking for Website Designers.
  • Click the search button.
  • It will list all website designers near you.

#Free website design templates- Download

T0p #5 places to get free templates for your website-

  1.– Find 3216 free website templates to launch your website today.
  2. Wix– It has also pre-designed free templates that you can use to design your website for free on Wix.
  3. Envato Free Theme and Templates- We have a detailed post here to help you learn and download the best templates for free from Envato/ ThemeForest market.
  4.– It’s free and the best place to get premium website templates for all kinds of websites. They have paid themes too.
  5.– It has more than 500+ free templates for you to download and design premium-looking websites and save your time.

We have compared the best websites, places to find the right website designers, and “how to save a lot of development costs in this article?”.

That is not all, it will help you to make the right decision and find the right website design company near you.

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