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Fortunately, It’s free and easy to track the website ranking for “keywords”. It’s often seen that there are many sites but only a few of them can really help you to check Google ranking for your website.

We have FREE SOFTWARE  to help you track the ranking of your website and do many other great SEO things for free.

#1. Free Keyword Rank checker


To check Google’s ranking it’s the most trusted software and used by many fortune companies like IBM, AMAZON, and others.

No strings attached, no credit card required. Can download a free copy and take this keyword position checker for an unlimited test drive.


  • Endless keyword ideas for free (Keywords planner)
  • Desktop and mobile rankings
  • Unlimited keyword position checking
  • SERP’s features analyzer
  • The in-depth search data analyzer
free keyword rank checker tool
free keyword research tool

Yes, It’s all for free with FREE software with the license.

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#2 Check website traffic-free

Here are some of the best free websites to track any website traffic.  You just need to enter the desired website URL and they will display the compile whole data like search terms, traffic county, monthly visitors, and more.

  1. SimilarWeb– It is free and easy to use to analyze your competitor site’s traffic, keywords, and more.  They a paid plan for advance research here.
  2. SemRush– Enter your domain, keywords, or URL to search any website and find the best things to learn from their traffic, keywords, and all other data presented to you.
  3. Amazon Alexa–  If know to all that Amazon services are like diamond, and their ALEXA services are highly accepted for best SEO. You can visit the Alexa website and find good stuff to do for your site ranking.

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