How can an Indian earn money from writing on Medium?

How can an Indian earn money from writing on Medium?

Medium is the best platform and has millions of traffic that can be really helpful for bloggers to make money. Though, if you are from an Asian country like India, you will not be able to make money from the Medium Partner program.

Indians can earn money from writing on Medium for sure.

I will reveal the secret in this post which can literally make you $1000+ every month. This is going to be a very helpful post and if you miss that, believe me, you are mission out on a great opportunity.

Yes, That’s true and you will say the same in the comment section.

This method is valid for everyone across the globe including, the US, UK, Canada, India, and Asian countries. No matter where you are, you can make money on Medium with this method.

How can an Indian earn money from writing on Medium:

Let’s stick to the topic. There are 4 best ways to make money on Medium if you don’t want to or are able to make money with the Medium Partner program.

Let’s not hold it further.

These #4 methods are highly effective and free to make money in India from Medium as well as other countries more than what you have ever earned from Medium itself.

4 Ways To Earn Money From Writing On Medium:

This is going to be FREE, easy, and highly profitable. Again saying, don’t miss any part of this post or you will miss something very valuable.

1. Affiliate Marketing:

No matter where you are, India, the US, Japan, or somewhere else, this is the best way to monetize your blog post. Not just Medium, you can also monetize your WordPress, Blogger, and any other article published on any website.

Ho to do that?

Well, it’s easy.

  1. Find the best affiliate network that is trusted; Such as MaxBounty.
  2. You can also join the Amazon Affiliate program which is free.
  3. Almost every affiliate program is free to join and earn.
  4. Add affiliate offers in your blog post or hyperlinks and make your users aware of them.
  5. If someone likes the offer, he can try them and you will get commissions.
Learn Affiliate Marketing In Detail.

The above post can help you to learn this method in detail. I have been using the same for several months and you can try too.

2. Create A Personal Blog (Adsense And Other):

Woo! Bro, Are you kidding me? How can that be possible?

Well, I am not.

Being a blogger as well as a Medium writer, I can say it for sure. Blogging is not limited to Medium only and you can make money with Medium websites outside Medium.

This is a perfect example that really works for many users like me, who don’t actually make any money from Medium.

How Can I Do It?

  1. Create A Personal Blog Website.
  2. Links to your website and posts in your Medium Articles.
  3. Your readers on Medium will come to see your website and it will help you to make money.
  4. You can monetize with Google Adsense on your blog or with affiliate products to make money with Medium Traffic.
  5. You can also make money on your blog in different ways.
Create A Blog Website.

Sounds Good?

Yes, this is a powerful way to make money with Medium, an Indian can use earn money from writing on Medium.

Medium Traffic Report. Source: SimilarWeb By

3. Earn Money From Writing On Medium:

If you are surely good a righting insightful stories, you need not monetization methods to make money. Yes, you can earn money from writing on Medium and it’s as simple as a mango.

You didn’t get that?

Well, you could be a technical writer for big and small established websites and businesses on Medium as well as their website and make money from your writing.

They pay up to $750 per article or $1 per word. It’s possible and highly profitable.

Where to find clients?

Well, you can find their email address on their website, and social media and send your proposal or you can find them on a freelancing website like Fiverr.

4. Paid Consulting:

Yes, this is another great a great solution to your query “How can an Indian earn money from writing on Medium”. I have seen many Medium writers who have established themselves in the industry and provide paid consulting to companies and entrepreneurs.

Yes, you can take $50 to $500 for 1 hour of paid consulting in your niche.


  1. 5000 or more medium followers for a reasonable earning and consultation.
  2. Best writing or technical skills where you can help.
  3. Growth hacking skills that you can sell.

There could be other ways too.

Sponsored Posting is another great way which can do to make money on Medium even if you are in India or similar Asian countries where the Medium monetization option is not available.

Monthly Traffic on Medium. Source:


Whether you are from India, the US, or any other country, Medium is always a great choice to write and publish new content to make money.

Medium has an average of 136 million traffic and there is where you can make money for sure, provided you apply the right strategies.

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