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How to setup push notifications

Friends, You might have seen push notification on different websites, your mobile notification section, or on your desktop. Basically, many websites and apps take your permission to send you a notification any time, no matter whether you are using the app or website at that time.

Push notifications help them reach any time. You can also send user users this kind of notification.

You can send an offer update, version update, greeting messages, and many more things to your users using the push notification features. It’s highly useful to engage your website visitors even if they are not at site and grow your revenue.

Well, Push notification is really helpful and you have understood so far. Let’s learn how you can set up push notification on your website?

How to add push notification in your website-

To enable this service on your website and apps,  you need to follow the below-given steps-

  1. Visit the Onesignal website and create an account there (Free).
  2. You can simply signup using the Gmail, Facebook, and Github account.
  3. In the dashboard, add your website by clicking “New App And Website“.
  4. Now enter the website URL and select the “Web Push” option on the next page as shown below in the image.

Web Push notifications

5. Clik next to configure the platform.
6. On this page fill all the details like Site Name, Site URL, Message, Website Name, and in the website type select “Typical Website“.

** Typical site is best for all kinds of websites and doesn’t need any plugin to use that in WordPress.

Add push notification to your website for free

7. After you complete these details, you will be presented with two scripts to add to your website header and footer section.
8. To 
install these codes (Scripts) on your website, simply follow the belove given steps >

** Note- Please take website backup before editing code to be safe.

Go to theme editor on your WP site >> Click “header.php” from the left site >> and all the header code after the “<head> text in the code, similarly on that same file add the body code next to the opening body tag “<body “.

Now, you have successfully added both code and your website will open a prompt for every use to subscribe for your push notifications.

You can track the push subscribers and their device on your ONESIGNAL website dashboard and send theme messages from there for free at any time.

If you are not able to add push notification codes on your website, use this WordPress plugin, and tools to add. Follow-

I hope, this tutorial to add push notification services to your website helped you. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or contact me here.


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