How to earn online with UC News?

How to earn online with UC News?
how to earn online

Dear friends, nowadays many people wish to make money online and many new options to earn online has emerged in past few years. Most of the people, who look for the best opportunity often fall into the trap of spamming sites and lose their money. It very much true that you can make money online, but with proper guidance. Here, you will learn a great way of making money online without spending a single dollar.

Introduction of UC medai ( Or Uc News)

To know the Uc media programme, you first need to know UC News. Uc news is a popular news application on Google Play and iTunes. It is operated by Alibaba Group. Using their app, they distribute all kind of news and stories across the globe. Maybe you have used their browser Uc Browser to search and browse different things online. I am pretty sure about and it’s obvious to use because of good speed and better performance.


Well, Uc News required many articles on the different topic to publish on their app for their readers. Millions of readers trust UC News for quality news about the world and different parts of their country. So they launched UC Media programme though you may write articles for them and make money online.

Uc Media earn online
earn online via uc media

How to earn online with UC News?

  1. Click the signup button on the home page. (click here)
  2. Fill all the details like email id, password and other details and hit continue.
  3. After filling all of these things, you will get an email confirmation in the second step.
  4. In the third step, you will be asked about yourself like pan card details, name and other things.
Uc news
Earn online for students


How it is better than a personal blog?

In your personal blog, you have to write articles daily and do good quality SEO to get more visitors on your site to make money form it, but on Uc media, there are no such restrictions. It has millions of user and it promoted to them for free, so you make a lot of money out of it.

Who can start to write?

Anyone who is ready to make money online and can write on any topic in Hindi, English or any other languages can write and make money form it.

Friends I hope, I have discussed all that is needed to make money online using Uc news. If you have any query, feel free to comment below.




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