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Fix The WordPress Email Sending Issues

Most of the time we have seen even everything is Good our WordPress website fails to send the notification emails, contact form emails, and other transactional emails.

We try different ways to fix the WordPress email sending issue but fail at some point. Here, you will learn a very easy and unique way to fix WordPress not sending emails of any kind.

To fix the WordPress email sending issue at our website, we can easily use other SMTP plugins and do some easy customizations to send all kinds of emails from your WordPress website.

Why Email Are Not Sent From Your WP Website

This could happen because of hosting server not well configured to use PHP Mail Function or your hosting provider has blocked the mail function.

Most of the hosting companies allow you to send only a few emails from your website on per daily basis. When the limit exceeds, they blog the mail function.

Sometimes, If your emails are believed to be spammy, hosting companies and many other regulating authorities block your website IP or add to the SPAM list.

Whatever is the reason, you can use plugins like WP MAIL SMTP or PostMan SMTP to fix the mails issue on your website.

Ready To Fix the WordPress email sending issue

Installing Wp Mail SMTP or PostMan SMTP Plugin

you need to install either of these plugins and activate. After activation, you can see a setting page as shown below for the WP Mail SMTP plugin.


Here as you can see above, you need to enter the sender email id and name of the email sender.

On the same page select the Sendingblue email service to use its SMTP server for sending emails. They allow sending 300/day for free.

However, other companies allow sending just 100 emails or less than 300. It is best to start with Sendingblue and even you can send as many as you like for a little cost.

Please click to save after making these changed. Hold on, it not done yet. 

 Free SMTP Server For Your Website

Sendinblue is a very trusted website for email marketing, Email API, and SMTP servers. It is used by more than 80K users across the globe.

Fortunately, It also gives you the freedom to use its SMTP for free and send up to 300 emails per day from your website unlike the other companies like MailGun.

Go to the Sendingblue register page and enter details as shown above in the images. They will send a verification email to the email id you have entered there.

Verify the account by clicking the button in the verification email and go to the final registration page. Enter a few details like address there and registration is complete.

Verifying The Domain And Email Id To Send From 

Once you click “Senders &IP” it will load a new page where you are supposed to verify your domain (yoursite.com) and sender email id as shown in the image below.


Click the “Add a new domain” button and enter the website name there. They will present you with few details to add to the DNS setting of your website.

You need to add these details to your domains DNS setting and verify it from the Sendingblue dashboard. Once verified, your domain is ready to send emails.

How To Edit DNS Records?

Here is a video about the DNS Setting, if purchased from GoDaddy. Most of the sites have a similar interface and you can easily set up the DNS in a few minutes to verify the domains.

This kind of details, you need to add to your domain registerer DNS setting to verify the domain. Also, you can add the sender email to your website and get ready to integrate SMTP SPI to your website

This will easily activate the SMTP service on your website. To fix the WordPress email sending issues, you need to add the API V3 to the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

Once you add the API to the WP Mail SMTP setting as shown below, you can test the email service by sending the email to any other emails from the same WP Mail SMTP dashboard.

I hope, You have followed the procedure one by one and verified the domain and sender email before sending the test email. Also, I have added the V3 API to the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

Once you send a test email now, you may get a confirmation email on your given email id that can prove that the email service is now working perfectly fine on your WordPress website.

As you can check above, you will get a similar email once you have verified all the things and followed the post. I have also added a video above that helps to fix the WordPress email sending issue with the help of the Postman SMTP plugin.

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to comment below.

Mani Pathak

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