How to get premium themes and plugins for free?

How to get premium themes and plugins for free?

How to get premium themes and plugins for free?

Hello Guys, We are back with a new awesome offer for you. Nowadays whosoever is running his own business, really need a website to show their online presence. It becomes very expensive when you go to a developer and ask for a website.

You often charge you 250$ to 1500$ for the complete process. The cost of theme and plugin usually varies from $10 to $100. Apart from that, he needs many themes and plugins, which costs you also.

Why really you need a website?

1.  It builds trust in your customers.
2.  It makes easy for you to share your portfolio with your customers.
3.  It increases your customers and revenue.
4.  Makes easy for you to receive payments.
5.  It gives your business a brand identity.

A lot more++

What you need for a website?

1. Premium themes and templates.
2. SSL certificate
3. Premium graphics
4. Hosting
5. Designing skills or a developer

How you can get free themes, plugins and templates?

**  You can get free templates here (Click Here).

** For premium paid themes, plugins and templates you have two ways.

1. Search “free Envato themes” in Google and click the link shown in the Google. From there you can download after registering. You get free themes and plugins every month.

2. You can complete the following tasks to get the best-paid themes, plugins and templates. We have a list of more than 10k premium themes, plugins and templates for e-commerce, business website, finance and all other.

2.1- Chose the theme, plugin or template here.
2.2- Then visit the YouTube channel clicking here and subscribe.
2.3- After that, you must comment on any video on this channel. The comment should be like “Nice Video” followed by

Example- Nice video


2.4 After that you share the URL of the theme and plugin that you have chosen via What’s App here (click here) and we will send you the desired theme, plugin or template to you for free via WhatsApp only.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and much more interested in starting your website. Follow the steps from 2.1 to 2.3 above and get all the files.


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