How to transfer a WordPress website to a new host easily.

How to transfer a WordPress website to a new host easily.

Friends, We are about to cover the topics “How to transfer a WordPress website to a new host” and all the best methods to easily migrate your website.

If you have a WordPress website or a static website HTML website, it’s going to be easy to migrate. We will cover the two best methods to migrate your website.

But, for dynamic PHP, .Net, or any custom-coded websites, you need to hire a developer, if you are a beginner.

The best migration video using an “All in one migration” plugin.

How to transfer a WordPress website to a new host?

Even if you are a beginner, you can easily transfer a WordPress website to a new host without any coding skills.

Here is how to transfer a WordPress website to any other host.

Step 1: Install the migration plugins. 

To migrate a WordPress website, log in to your existing WordPress website and install the “All-in-One WP Migration” plugin.

Instead, you can also install Migrate Guru WordPress plugin to transfer your website to new hosting.

These two plugins are quite easy and free to use. Even if your website files and databases are small in size or big, they are good for all kinds of websites.

Migrate Guru Plugin
Migrate Guru Plugin: Easily Migrate your website to a new host.

As much as I know, you change a hosting company for better speed, security, support, and ease of using a hosting c-panel.

Bluehost Black Friday gives you up to a 90% discount on new hosting orders and it has also been recommended by WordPress itself.

Who knows WordPress better than the company that developed it?

Step 2: Take the backup or set up FTP

Once you are done installing any of the plugins, you can take backup using the “All In One Plugin” or you can set up FTP details for the “Migration Guru” plugin.

For All in one migration plugin:

For taking backup, go to the export site page from the All in one migration plugin menu in the dashboard.

All in one migration plugin backup page.
All in one migration plugin backup page.

Select the desired backup method. However, you will be eligible to select only the “FILE” type backup method for free.

Once you have exported your website backup, you can now move to the third step.

Step3: Install WordPress on the new Host.

If you have already purchased the best web hosting for the migration of your website. You have to install the WordPress using the one-click- WordPress installer tool on the new hosting c-panel.

Now, install any one of the plugins we discussed above to the new WordPress dashboard.

It must be the same plugin that you’re the chosen in the first step to migrate your website. (Migrate Guru or All in one migration plugin).

Step 4: Import the backup.

If you are using the “All in one migration plugin”, you have to import the backup which we created in step 2.

For importing backup, you need to log in to the new WordPress dashboard and select the import option from the “All in one migration plugin” menu.

As it can be seen in the image below-

All in one migration plugin backup page
Import the backup you created in the first step.

You have successfully imported your complete website to the new host. But you are not done here.

You have to make sure that after uploading the backup, you have successfully imported it so that it can make your website the same as your old website.

You can visit the website to check that if everything is fine like your old website.


1. Always install the new WordPress on the new host using the domain you want to keep for the new website.

2. Only set up the domain to a new host with new WP after, taking backup from as given in the first step.

This is required only if you have only changed the hosting company but kept the domain as it was. 

3. Please properly do DNS settings for the domain on new hosting, before you start importing your backup.

Great, now you have learned “How to transfer a WordPress website to a new host easily”.  But there are other plugins and methods to transfer a website from one server to another server.

Let’s learn  “how to migrate to another web host” using the Migration Guru plugin.

Just like the all-in-one migration plugin, it is also free. You can easily migrate your entire WordPress website to a new server without having to take backups.

Yes, the Guru Migrate plugin doesn’t require any backup. It is a server-to-server migration method. 

Migrate Guru: Migrate your WP website for free.
Migrate Guru: FTP method to migrate your website.

Note: There are limitations of “All in one migration plugins” and that’s why we need Migration Guru.

There are no limitations of file website size for the Migration Guru plugin but All one migration plugin allows the only website of 512 MB sites for free.

But there are some limitations of Migration Guru.

You need to migrate your website to any other WP installations and then set up your desired domain to new hosting and install fresh WordPress on it.

The first steps will be the same as All in one migration. 

Step 2: Enter FTP details as shown above.

You shall enter the FTP details for the WordPress, you have installed on the new hosting account and your desired domain.

Login to your new host c-panel and find the FTP details and follow the methods that methods as shown in the video below to migrate your website to the new server.

This video tells you all the steps to migrate your website to any host for free.

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Migration guru and All in one migration plugin are good for beginners.

Even if you don’t know any things about website migrations, you can easily learn from this post or videos and migrate your website to the new host.

Now, you know “How to transfer a WordPress website to a new host” without paying any charges to buy expensive plugins.

That’s great! You loved the full post and read it from start to end. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.

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