No #1 | Hindi Typing- Easy and accurate online Hindi typing.

Online Hindi Typing

Friends, Hindi typing is the rapidly growing need of Indian companies and digital entrepreneurs. We commonly use Google Translate for writing English to Hindi or in any other language.

However, there are many great online Hindi typing sites that let you write and say what you really want to say. Their sites are more accurate for Hindi typing and convert English to Hindi in few seconds.

Without wasting time, let’s talk about some best websites that can help you to type in Hindi. They can really help to grow your business in India’s online space of billions of people.

Top Website For Hindi Typing

There could be many sites but I love there highly trusted and easy-going website to write easily in Hindi online.

#1 India Typing

I really like this site among all others because it makes you write easily and the user’s experience is quite friendly. You don’t even need to look here and there, on the home page you have a section where you can start writing in English and it will be converted into Hindi in no time.

Moreover, It supports all the alphabets of the Hindi language and makes writing easy and accurate.

Hindi typing

They offer even more services, as you can see here in the image above.

#2 Google Translate 

It is the best website for those who only understand English or any other language. In case you wish to write something on Hindi, you can’t write in Hinglish like India Typing website.

You need to write correctly in English or other languages and it will translate it to Hindi.

This video above can help you understand the working of Google Translate.

#3 Quilpad Editor

Just like India Typing, It is also an advanced online Hindi typing website. As you can see in the image below, you can do many things with this website like take a printout, send on the email, export, and many other things.

Online Hindi Typing

You must use any of these websites for easy Hindi typing. They are absolutely free and easy to use.

#4 Google Input Tool 

Just like other websites, it also helps to write English to English but I have seen it is not that accurate like other websites.

Hindi typing tool
Google Input Tool Website


You need to select the language from the drop-down and start writing in English. It will covert that text in your desired language.


Why You Need Hindi Typing?

There are approx 629 million online users in India. This is the world second largest numbers in the term of internet users.

However, out of 629 million+ people only 234 million people under a least little bit English. For any business to grow here, you need to reach all users or those users who are really interested in your business.

Hindi is almost known by 60 to 10% of the Indian population. All north Indian estates mostly use Hindi and English only for office uses. Even people know it in the best way.

Reaching people in the language they know, connects them with the people in their mother language or the language they widely use.

You can use this for writing the text in graphics you design, write blog posts, even send emails in Hindi. There are many great ways where you can use the Hindi text.


There are more than 50 websites that really help to type in hind, however, I have picked some of the best websites to help in Hindi typing.

All the websites above are easy and advanced for all kind of Hindi words. They even don’t put ads in bulk to compromise the user experiences.

If you can help me share this post with others, It will be a great help on me. Please feel free to ask your questions and help me commenting on this post.

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