Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) – Launch A Successful Ads campaign.

Pay Per Click Advertising

If you are an entrepreneur, you are may find it hard to get new clients or sales on your website. Every small or big business face this issue and do (PPC) Pay Per click Pay Per Click Advertising to overcome this situation.

PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) simply mean how much we pay per click to get traffic to our websites or landing pages but ultimate purpose it generating sales or leads for any business.

I have worked for 300+ business across the global as a web developer ad marketing consultant and this gives me immense inner strength and skills to share each and every things that will help you to boost your business.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

No matter what Pay Per Click Advertising campaign your are about to launch. You always need an advertising network with has huge potential to drive traffic to your website and in return your pay then on per click basis.

Google Ads (Previously Google Adwords) have once of the biggest and most trusted ads network which you can use to promote your business online.

» For USA – Google Ads $500 Free Credit.
» For India – Google Ads Rs 20000 Free Credit.

Here we have two links to help to in getting free Google Ads promotional code to run all types of ads.

Pay Per Click Advertising can be of various types. I mean the traffic that you get your business website, blog, YouTube channel to any other links could be of many types.

1. Display Ads – You drive traffic by displaying banners on different website with the help of Google Ads.

2. Google Discovery Ads – You website, blog or links are shown just like delay ads in Google chrome new feeds to drive traffic to your website.

3. Search Ads – Probably you have already seen many ads on Google and other search engines whenever you search for any products and service in Google.

They ads are basically  created with the helps of Google ads network and you pay to Google for driving the targeted traffic to your website.

what is ppc?

Well, with all our discussion above you might have understood “what is ppc“? PPC stands for paid per click and these click are the traffic that your get to your website with the help of paid ads.

You pay Ads networks and influencers to drive targeted (People Interested in your services) traffic to your website to platform where you want.

This CPC (Cost per click) could be form $0.1 to $10 per clicks depending on your services types and ads optimisation score and location of  paid Ads.

CPC or PPC are almost the same.. they are mostly expressing the same amount that you pay these companies to drive the traffic to your website or blog.

Pay per click campaign management:

No matter how expert you are, it’s often required to continuously monitor the ads and keep updating to get more and more targeted traffic, sales or leads in your business. PPC campaigns can make you huge loss if you don’t do it properly.

Pay per click campaign management (Adwords ppc management) is a time consuming and very sensitive thing. You can hire a beginner who can put you in loss or pay a decent amount to skilled and experience freelancers to mange your campaigns.

Pay per click campaign management services cost $200 to $2000 depending on what you exactly need and how much effort is required to drive right audience and ROI (Return on investment) form your ads.

Sometimes, beginners spends $500 to $5000 without even getting a single leads or sales and put you in huge loss and you begin to think that it’s useless.

» Even you can hire me to manage you marketing campaigns at a very low cost.

Anyway, you are open to choose any agency or freelancer to work with you. I just want you to make profit just my clients – and others.

Paid search campaign:

It’s also a PPC or CPC types of campaign the you can run on any search engine including Microsoft Bing. All you need is a lancing page, blog or website to drive traffic to with the help of paid search ads.

» Setup A Powerful Pay Per Click Advertising campaign.

  • Register on any or ads networks like Microsoft Bing Ads network.
  • Verify your payment details and account details.
  • Go to campaigns and select the types of camping your want to create form Paid Search ads, Display ads, App installation ads and others.
  • Enter the heading, description, location and amount you wish to pay on dimply basis.
  • You will have to setup max CPC (PPC) you are willing to pay for each visitor and the keywords for your ads.

There things may look confusing and time taking. Here is a complete video tutorial to launch your very first PPC campaign.

If you time to learn and do, try this video to create your very first campaign.

Google Adwords management services:

Many people struggle to run PPC ads or miserably fail to make profit from it. It’s not that easy as some of you may presume.

To save time and to make you marketing campaigns effectively, you may need a Google Adwords Management Services. 

» Even you can hire a freelancer.

An expert freelancer can help you to manage your entire digital marketing channels like SEO, Email Marketing, SMM and SEM.

These services cost between $200 to $5000. This may look a big amount, however it’s totally depends on what your need and how skilful that Adwords Manager is.

Best Practices For A Successful PPC Campaign:

PPC ads very profitable provide your deal with them carefully. Follow these secret steps to make real profit form your campaigns.

  1. You website or lancing pages must be fast enough to load quickly else your users will bounce after clicking and your cost will be wasted.
  2. Must select the best relevant keywords in your ad copy to get the desired traffic. You can use tools like Google Keywords Planner to find the right keywords.
  3. Always tasted to narrow audience in a location and set proper CPC for your ads as per Keywords research tools.
  4. Use Keywords Match Type Tools to properly structure the keywords and then use them in your ads copy.
  5. Continuously monitor and upgrade. You must achieve at least 80% optimisation score for your ads to see some success.

Yes, the things will really help you to run a profitable ads campaigns. These things are equally valid for all the ads networks.

Takeaway For You:

Always follow the expert advice as given above or hire someone to manage it for you. Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Outbrain and Taboola are some of the best and most trusted ads networks.

Never invest entire budget at once. Invest and check the results, optimise ads and then re-invest in ads to make profit form it.


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