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If you are searching for the best free hosting Profreehost can be the right option. Is Profreehost good for free web hosting? Well, it’s not that way to say it. We are going to cover a detailed review that will surely help you find the best free website hosting with cPanel.

** Though, we never recommend any free hosting and you have an affordable yet powerful web hosting plan for as low as $2/ month to laugh your website.

Profreehost web hosting features:

They never ask you to pay for using our hosting services and you can host as many websites as you like.  However, it’s not always free. Getting a stable website has never been cheaper as they claim.

Ready to launch your super fast web?

  • Unlimited Diskspace
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • MySQL Databases
  • Easy Control Panel
  • Website Builder
  • 100% Free
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Free Subdomains
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • No Forced Ads

The best part of Profreehost is:

They never show forces ads on your website and you can create a personal or professional website for any kind of business. What it means is you can use the websites for commercial uses.

We know, no one can give you any services for free in the long run, and fortunately, this is also not free for you in some ways.

They have monetized their website with Google Adsense and if someone clicks on these ads from Google shown on their websites, they are paid.

Well, I am also helping you find good web solutions because your posts are also monetized for ads and it helps us to make a few dollars for hosting this website.

Best Free Hosting With cPanel
Web Hosting Features

Profreehost Web hosting Support

Profreehost helps you to host your website for free and even doesn’t force you to pay any money until you are happy but the support is not that good.

They have a support page but you can only find useful and community resources for your queries. There is no call or chat support.

Even an affordable web-hosting of $2/month can give you these benefits and if your visit the website from our link, you can get an additional discount of 20% from our side.

What I Don’t Like In Profreehost:

Fortunately, everything looks good but it is not that simple. I have captures an image for you to show you showing very interesting about this free hosting.

In the above image, you can easily find that the max file upload size is just 10 MB. It means,  will suffer a lot if you are trying to install more than 10MB of themes or plugins to your WordPress website or even on any other website.

Security and support:

Though many of you may be attracted to it for free features it’s yet not done. Free web hosting can save you $30 to $50/ year but you will end up losing your potential earnings.
Yes, I mean. You will have to suffer due to this in any way.
  1. There is no call or chat support, so you may have to wait for the day to fix any server-side issue on your website.
  2. This is free hosting so you can blame it for the website loading speed.
  3. Even you may face some security, update, and website down issues sometimes.
  4. Moreover, they can also sneak into your website for any kind of resource. You should read the privacy policy before you decide to host your professional website on this free hosting.

Sounds like overthinking, but this is what I can say after designing 500+ websites for clients across the globe.

Alternatives of

Fortunately, there are many free hosting companies across the globe that you can use to test the website before actual launch or for any kind of use.

Webhost000 or 000Webhost is a well know free web hosting provider across the globe. I have written a detailed post on some of the best free web hosting alternatives of Profreehost.

The takeaway for you – Review.

I will not recommend any free hosting for your websites. You are launching a business online or a website for your business and it should impress your potential customers.

It is taken as low as $30 to $50 per year to host on a very fast and reliable web hosting, you shall not hesitate.

If you need any help, please feel free to find the right web hosting solution or to design your website, please feel free to contact us here.

Though, you can use this or any free hosting for parking domains or testing your demo sites. This will be the best fit for this.

In the upcoming post, how you improve your website speed, user’s attention to conversions on your website. Please subscribe to our website by clicking the bell icon.


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