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Seth Godin is a famous blogger, entrepreneur, and writer. He started a blog named SETH’s BLOG, the best blogging website. “Seth Godin blog” was among the 25 most influential blogs in 2009 as it was named by TIMES magazine.

Seth’s Purple Crow book was published in the year 2003 and it helped many people to transform their businesses. He had sold more than 150000 copies in just two years.

Purple Cow Book By Seth Godin
Purple Cow Book By Seth Godin

Seth Godin Blog Overview

Seth has always been very prominent in implementing different marketing techniques and flourishing the dead business.

Godin believed in making remarkable products that are worth marketing in the first place.

Many multinational companies like Apple, Starbucks used their signature strategies to reach multi-billion businesses at some point.

His ideas and innovations forced people to think and deliver the box solution to their clients.

Seth Godin Blog is a new approach to help millions of users and transform their business online and offline. (

About Seth Godin Blog

Seth Godin writes meaningful blog posts to help businesses grow easily. Every week he shared stories to learn some different approaches to boost your business.

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Seth Godin Udamy Courses

World-renowned entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker

More than 64,546 students joined his courses.

Seth is a renowned writer, public speaker, and entrepreneur but that’s not all. He has worked for America’s top companies and written nearly 20 books.

Seth Godin Udemy Courses
Seth Godin Udemy Courses

His blog “Seth’s Blog” is the best reference for all digital and real would marketing researchers.

Seth also founded two companies, Squidoo and Yoyodyne (acquired by Yahoo!).

Seth’s Udemy course has been enrolled by more than 54646 students and has gone more than 16368 ratings.

Almost all the courses have more than 4.5 average ratings.

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Take Away From The Blog

Seth’s methods are really influential and have helped millions of users in some way. If you want to learn the best of marketing strategies, you can check out “Seth Godin Blog“.

It’s absolutely free. However, you can buy his books too from Amazon. You can find the link to the Purple Cow book above. He has written more than 20 books so far.

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