Share market basics: Earn $10 to $1000 every day.

stock market basics

Yes, you heard me right. If you start investing (trading) in stock market, you will certainly make $10 to $10000 every day.

I am not joking, I spent years in stock market along with other activities and learn alot from there.

I am going to reveal tha secrets and stock market basics to help you start and accomplish financial freedom.

Share Market Basics:

To understand stock market, let’s take a common example.

If you want to start your own business, you will have to invest money, give proper time and risk of failure is always associated.

At the same time, you can invest that initial money in the form of shares in any successful business (company) and stay free from all manual business pains.

You will buy shares (partnership) of any listed company from Stock Market and as the company grows you will get profit from you shares.

Yes, it’s that easy. Basically all well established companies list themselves on Stock Market to sell their shares (partnerships).

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Net value of an organisation is decided in 100000+ parts and every part is sold for as low as $1 or higher and the more shares you buy the more profit share you get.

If you hold 51% shares in company or higher shares than any other board of directors in that company, you will become chairman (owner) of that company.

Key Benifit And Risks Of Investing In Stock Market:

Share market is basically an online and offline market-place to buy and sell share of any company.

You Get Following Benefits:

  • No need of shop, work with vendors, products or provide services, hire employees and anything else. Invest in companies and make profit without any other worries.
  • You can buy and sell shares staight from you mobile phone and pc.
  • All you need is a demat account to buy and sell shares and make profit.
  • You can start stock market investment for as low as $500 and make easily $10 to $30 online.
  • Until you sell your shares at higher prices, you will remain partner of that company.
  • You can buy as many shares of any and many companies as you like.
  • If the company you have invested in makes the loss or any bad news comes, you could see temporarily loss but keep holding that share, it will rain bounce back and you will make profit.
  • You need not to invest you all time on it. Just buy shares and sell once you see desires profit. Buying and selling takes literally less than 1 min.

Types Of Investing In Stock Market:

Stock Market investment could be your side hustle but there are high potential of earning and different ways to make money.

  • Intra-day Trading- You buy and sell share on the same date (day).
  • Delivery trading- You buy shares and hold it for long time and sell when it shows you profit.
  • F-N-O trading- You buy shares at lower price with a contract to expire within the month or week. If your share price don’t increase in between, you money will be lost.

F-N-O trading is highly risky and profitable. You can make up to 500% profit on tha same days at the same time you can loose your money.

I recommend buying stocks in delivery and hold until you make profit. This is called value investing.

How To Invest In Stock Market?

You can surely make good amount of profit at home, all you need is internet connection and demat account.

  1. Crate a demat account for buying and seeling shares. It’s almost free.
  2. Add money to your demat account using the back account you have linked with demat.
  3. Select the right company (stock) to invest. You can take advice from this website.
  4. Once you have purchased the shares, keep it as long as you like and your money will grow.
  5. Once share value has increased, you can sell and keep the whole money.
  6. Keep repeating this process to made handsome amount online.

You can invest on intra-day or deliver (long term) basis and make money as a side hustle.

How To Open A Trading Account:

Demat or trading account are mostly free or requires as low as $15 to open.

You will need following things to open you trading or demat account:

– Address proff.

– Bank statement.

– Identity proof and a cancelled cheque.

– Passport size photo and scanned signature.

That’s all. You will be able to open your online demat account from any where.

Follow these steps to open your demat account:

– Register at the trading website with your email id and mobile here.

– Upload the document as mentioned above and submit.

– Confirm your email id and you account will be activated to trade in sometime.

– Add fund to demat account and start buying- selling of stocks.

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How Much You Can Earn From Stock-Market:

It makes easy for you to invest as low as $10 to $1000 and make up to $10 to $100 easily.

It’s all about you. I mean, how much you invest and how much profit you get.

Let’s say, you invest $500 and took 5 times margin, your money will become  $2500 and your stock showed 2% growth in a day. Your money will become $600.

Net $100 profit you will make, and it’s quite easy to make $100 as a side hustle.

In delivery and intra-day trades, brockers give you facility to let you buy stocks at 5 to 10 times of your deposited amount.

It’s super cool! You can buy stocks of $100 if you just have $10 to start.

Key Rules Of Trading:

1. Always invest on quality stocks.

2. Never rush for money and more profit at higher risks.

3. Try to hold stocks for the long time.

4. Keep compounding your profit and get return all earings.

5. Don’t panic if stock is gowing little down on the day you purchased, hold it and make profit.

5. Keep checking news about stocks.

Well, these all share market basics can certainly help you to create account, start investing and to make money.

If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.