Shared Web hosting: Get A Free Domain And SSL Now.

Best Web Hosting 2022

Shared web hosting is the easiest way to launch your very small business website. How can you get a free domain and SSL with your shared web hosting?

Well, It’s easy.

Even if you have a tight budget, you can start a website and these web hosting websites also offer a free domain and SSL to launch your website in a few clicks.

What Is Shared Web hosting?

Shared web hosting is the most affordable way to start a website. You share your web server with many websites on the same server and connected to the internet.

But, it doesn’t mean that they can access your website data or harm it in any way.    Your website and hosting panel will remain untouched and independent. Web hosting companies ensure complete privacy.

Best Shared Web Hosting Websites

If you are a complete beginner or have some experience. You will surely love any one of these best-shared web hosting companies.

Both of them are giving free domain and SSL with the basic plans.

1. Hostinger

Yes, you can’t imagine! Hostinger shared web hosting is available for as low as $1.39 per month yet very powerful, fast, and secure.

Not just that, They also give free domain and SLL certificates for your website. In just a few clicks you can install WordPress and design your website.

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting
Hostinger Shared Web Hosting.

You can create a blog website or any other kind of website on Hostinger and trust me you will not regret it. Their 30 days money-back guarantee is magic.

You can cancel your web hosting plan anytime and get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, if not happy. 

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2. Bluehost Shared Web Hosting

Unlike Hostinger, Bluehost is a little expensive. However, recommends using the Bluehost web hosting to get the utmost performance on WordPress-based websites.

Bluehost Pricing Plans
Bluehost Shared Web Hosting

Even in 2022. This is quite popular.

Bluehost offers a variety of hosting plans. However, their web hosting plans are affordable and best as compared to their peers.

Bluehost shared hosting plans start at $2.95/ month only. It is the best plan you can choose if you are a beginner without being worried about having hosting charges.

Bluehost Shared Web Hosting.
Bluehost Shared Web Hosting.

Bluehost shared web hosting costs just $35 per year and it also gives you a free domain, SSL, and best support to launch your website in a few minutes.

Bluehost also offers 30 days money-back guarantee. 

You can use any of the above affordable web hosting solutions for your next project.  I will recommend Bluehost for the United States and European counties whereas Hostinger for Indians and Asian users.

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For many of you, $35 is not a big amount to consider the best-shared web hosting solutions given above. However, we also have some free web hosting websites here to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are thousands of web hosting companies across the globe. It’s hard to find the best web hosting for your website or app.

We have a Google Certified marketing agency and we know what works better for all kinds of websites. We regularly post meaningful blogs/news articles to help you.

1. Why shall I use shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting offers the lowest price to easily launch as compared to dedicated web hosting at the same time you don’t have to compromise a lot.

It reduces the burden of web development before you actually make any money from your online business.

2. Hostinger Vs Bluehost: Which one is best?

Bluehost is quite efficient and recommended by WordPress itself. However, Hostinger is quite powerful and affordable as compared to Bluehost.

I will suggest Bluehost for the US, UK, and other European users and Hostinger for Asian users.

If you want to target all the users across the globe, you shall use Bluehost shared web hosting at least to deliver the best results.

3. How can I get a free domain and SSL for my website?

Well, it’s quite easy. Click the button above to visit the official website from our link and once you order a new hosting plan, you will get a free domain and hosting immediately.
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4. How to get an additional discount?

If you purchase the shared web hosting using our like, you will get an additional discount after successfully placing orders from us.

Share your invoice copy with us and we will validate it. If approved, you will get an additional 30% discount from us.

Contact us to know more.

The takeaway for you:

Shared hosting is an easy and best way to save some money on your web-hosting cost. It can lower your website and app development cost by up to 50% easily.

Bluehost is a really awesome web hosting company for beginners and it costs just $35 to launch your very first WordPress and any other website.

It also gives free domain and SSL with the basic plan. 

If you really want to start a successful online business, you can start a website on shared hosting and upgrade later if your website starts getting millions of traffic like Amazon.

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