Webdesign landing pages: Design landing pages that convert.

Webdesign landing pages (Free)

A well-optimized landing page can give your business 30%  to 60%  growth. Webdesign landing pages for free and increases your chances of conversion.

Typically landing pages cost $30 to $500 per month but this method can save you money and design the best-converting landing page for free.

New marking trends show that lading pages are far better than non-optimized websites to generate more leads and boost revenue.

Let’s design landing pages that convert.

Webdesign Landing Pages

Landing pages or sales pages are normally different than your actual website home page. It is basically designed and well optimized for sales and lead generation.

It’s a bit easy to create a one-page website loaded with all key things to generate more sales and generate more leads without having your users switch between pages.

Benefits of landing pages

Some really cool things about landing pages that make them different than multi-page websites.

  1. Landing pages are mainly designed to target one product or service at a time to stop users from getting confused.
  2. It is mainly targeted and more attractive, informative, and rich in honest reviews to grab instant attention and convert the visitors into leads.
  3. Landing pages are best to track what works for your business. You can integrate tracking systems and monitor which ads networks, keywords, and campaigns work better for you.
  4. It helps to deliver your message in a simple yet concise manner which helps you to increase your brand awareness.
  5. Many marketers use it to grow their email lists. They simply integrate the call-to-action buttons or forms to build their subscribers list easily.
  6. It also helps you to optimize your paid ads campaigns.

Webdesign Landing Pages

Yes, you can design a Laing page for free. Let’s dive deeper to design “professional landing pages” that are powerful and highly converting.

You need a few things to start

  1. A domain name (you can also use subdomains)
  2. A fast and secure Webhosting (paid or free).
  3. SSL to boost the performance.
  4. A free theme, Elementor, and a few other free WordPress plugins.

Yes, now you are ready to design your (Sales pages) Elementor landing pages.

Webdesign leanding pages
Web Design: Leanding pages to boost your business growth.

Steps to design your free landing page

These steps are really very very crucial and you shall not skip any part of this article if you really want to design a high converting landing page for free.

Step 1: Set up your hosting account and domain

To deliver the best experience you can buy a domain and web hosting for as low as $3/month. Bluehost and Hostinger are the two best web hosting and companies you can use to buy hosting and domain for your landing pages.

Don’t worry, if you don’t want o pay anything for Webhosting. We have some best free web hosting solutions for your to start your website today.

Step 2: Install WordPress on Web Hosting C-panel

For the ease of setting up your WordPress website easily and designing your very first landing page, I will explain taking the example of Hostinger web hosting c-panel. 

If you are using free web hosting or any other best web hosting like Bluehost, these steps are almost similar. However, after setting up WordPress, all other steps are exactly the same.

So, log in to your web hosting c-panel and connect your domain with your hosting plan. You need to configure your DNS details. 

Login to Hosting c-panel >> Click in Hosting tab on the top >> click “Add Website”.

Add your domain or subdomain to c-panel

After that, you should install WordPress software (Free) on that domain or subdomain of your choice.

Select Auto Installer In hostinger C-panle
Select Auto Installer

Now you have to choose the domain and create login details for your WordPress website before installation. Once done, you can hit install to launch a free WP website.

Click Auto Installer >> Select WordPress >> Select the domain >> Create login details on the same page >> hit install button.

Install WordPress on Hostinger c-panle
Install WordPress on Hostinger c-panel

That’s great, you have completed half of the work. 

Now, you are ready to design your free-lancing page with Elementor and WordPress.

Step 3: Install Elemntor and other plugins

Now, login to your WordPress dashboard and install Elementor and all other essential plugins to easily design your landing page.

  • Log in to your newly installed WP dashboard. To access the dashboard type “your-website name (domain)/wp-admin” in the URL section.
  • Enter the User id and password you created in the first step.
  • Go plugins >> Add new tab in the left-hand menu of WordPress dashboard.
Install WP Plugins
Install WordPress Plugins

As you can see, go to the “Add New” menu under plugins and install the Elementor plugin. It’s the best free visual builder plugin for drag-n-drop landing page designing.

You don’t have to code anything. Just drag and drop to design your landing page.

Well, it’s cool.

Best WP plugins 2022
Best WP plugins 2021-22

Once you have downloaded all of these plugins, you’re ready to move to the third step. Make sure to activate all the plugins before moving to the next step.

Step 5: Install a free yet premium WP theme

Go to “Appearance >> Themes” in your WordPress dashboard and install any free theme you like. I will recommend using Astra or OceanWp theme.

Intall WordPress Themes
Install WordPress Themes

Yes, it’s that easy to install a WP theme.

Now, you are ready to start designing your website.

Step 5: Design Your Landing Page using Elementor

Yes, We have the right technical setup to start designing the lacing page. Just follow the steps to Webdesign landing pages that convert.

Create A Landing Page
Create A Landing Page
  1. Go to “New” and click the “Page or Landin page” tab.
  2. On the to give you page a title.
  3. Now click “Edit with Elementor” on the same page.
  4. Drag-n-drop to design your landing page.

Here is the best video to explain to you as easily as possible.

Wow, Now you are ready to kickoff the developers.

Well, This post makes it quite easy for anyone to design high-converting landing pages. Hope you enjoyed the above video.

I suppose you have learned to design awesome personalized landing pages for all kinds of marketing requirements.

Landing Page Black Friday

Even if you don’t have time to design your landing pages, I can help you there. Please feel free to contact us for all kinds of marketing and web-designing projects. 

Here we an awesome offer to design your landing pages. It is far easy than the Elementor landing page method.

Landingi is the best place to design landing pages without worrying about any software installations, DNS settings,s and coding skills.

It gives you 14 days free trial to test their services, design your landing pages for free and upgrade to paid plan only if you are happy.

Sounds Good!

Just like the Elementor landing page on WordPress, you can drag-n-drop to design your landing pages on Landingi easily.

Follow these steps to design your landing page:

  1. Signup at the Landingi website for free. (14 days trial)
  2. Go to the “landing page builders” tab from the menu.
  3. Give a name to your landing page, matching your brand name.
  4. Open the drag-n-drop editor and design your responsive and high converting landing pages.
  5. You can also sect the pre-designed templates and make customize them as per your needs.

Now, That’s is awesome. 

Even you don’t have to write a single line of code to design your first free landing page for all kinds of business.

The takeaway for you

You can design landing pages using WordPress and Elemntor plugins on a self-hosted environment, but it’s a bit difficult if you miss anything of this post.

But, designing your landing page website using Landingi is quite easy. You can simply signup and drag-n-drop to design it. Their landing page black Friday sale save your cost and you can also test their services for free for 14 days.

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