Yandex Toloka earn money online | Yandex Toloka is legit and easy.

Yandex Toloka Legit Review.

Are you really interested in making money online? Yandex Toloka could be the best way to complete simple tasks and make good up to $50/hour online.

Yes, I am not joking and will discuss in detail about Yandex Toloka App. More than 5 Million users have downloaded the Toloka app so far.

Yandex Toloka Honest Review-


  • Complete small tasks and make money.
  • No memberships are required.
  • No skills or experience are required.
  • Can earn up to $50 per hour.
  • Work whenever you have free time.
  • Trusted by 5 Million Users.
  • You can use an app or website.
  • From a trusted source.


  • No agreement or full-time contract.
  • Sometimes, no work can be found to do.
  • You get paid $0.2* per 30-sec work.
  • It’s a pay-per-work basis job.
  • No job security.
  • You need a mobile or pc.
  • People get bored doing simple tasks.

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Yandex Toloka- Complete Tasks To Make Money.

I can assure you that you will make money with the Toloka app and website, moreover, it is available in all countries. All you need is a PC, Mobile with a good internet connection.

  • Compares web pages, test interface, search results, and answers in yes or no to earn.
  • Testing and evaluating webpages, images, or videos related to a search query.
  • Take 1 to 5 min surveys and get paid up to $10 per survey.
  • Get paid to teach things online, no experience is required.

Basically, you log in to the dashboard and a set of tasks available in your country and areas are shown to you.  You can complete these small tasks and for each task, your will pay some money.

That money you earned completing small tasks, will be accumulated in your wallet and you can withdraw via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and any money other payments.


How Can You Start Earning:

Follow the below-given steps to start making money with Yandex Toloka. It’s easy, trusted, and free for everyone to join and make money.

  • Download Toloka Toloka App or register at the website first.
  • Add your PayPal or other accounts to withdraw your earnings.
  • In the dashboard find the jobs (Tasks) available for you and complete the theme as said in the tasks description.
  • After completion of work, said the amount of that task will be added to your Yandex Toloka Account (Wallet).
  • You can easily withdraw once the threshold amount you earned.

Yes, it’s that simple, and takes less than 20 mins to start making money online with Toloka. 

How Can You Withdraw Your Earning:

Your withdrawal of money to your bank account depends on the currency, mode of withdrawal, and amount you have earned so far in your Yandex Toloka account.

For various payment gateways like PayPal, you may need to earn a minimum amount applicable for that withdrawal method.

If you have a minimum of $20, you can withdraw using Skrill Website in your local bank account. Likewise, the PayPal option is available to withdraw even if you have earned $1 with Toloka. 

Follow these steps to withdraw your earnings:

  1. Log in and go to My Money Page on Yandex Website to the app.
  2. Select the methods you like to withdraw your money with like PayPal, Skrill, or Payoneer.
  3. Click and conform to withdraw.

If you still need help, here is the official Yandex Page to help you withdraw your earnings.

More Website And Apps Like Toloka

There are also some other great websites to help you start and make money online. Let’s learn about them a little, if you like, you can try them too.

  1. Google Opinion Rewards– It’s also a free and great way to make money. It’s a free service from Google you take paid surveys to make money.
  2. Facebook Viewpoints– It’s also a free and trusted app from Facebook company to help you take small surveys and get paid.

If you like to learn about additional ways and the unique way, I use to make money online. You can contact me here.


There is nothing to doubt, Yandex Toloka is a genuine website (APP) to make money online and is used by 5 million users globally.

You can start making from any country, however, your potential earnings can below average in your county.

If you have any questions, Please comment below. Thanks

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