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How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online.

How to start a blog and make money

If you start a blog, you can also make $1000 to $5000+ per week, but it’s not that easy

If you ever felt like starting your own business but could’t start due to financial issues. Let’s see how to start blogging and end the 9 to 5 job paint for ever. 

Start a new stream where you invest almost no money and still you can make good amount of money even when you are sleeping. 

As shown above, without investing any money or just by investing $50 to $100/ year, it’s possible to see the results that can give you shock.

Why You Should Start A Blog:

Fortunately, this is among the most trusted and almost zero investment online business where you can earn a handsome amount every month.

 Money keeps rolling even when you are sleeping once you should set a  good blog and take care of your users signals.

How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog For Free:

Starting a blog to make money is quite easy and you can do it by yourself in a few minutes. However, you need to write good content and do proper SEO.

There are two ways to start your blogging website.

  1. Create your own self hosted website. (WordPress or Other CMS)
  2. Start writing at free blogging website or create a website on Blogger. 

Blogger is a service for google for bloggers. You can create a free blogging website there and start writing articles. Even, Google Blogger site gets traffic easily and you can host you blog for free. 

Self hosted blogs require some extra effort and cost, before you start wiring article. Mostly hosting companies charge your $50 to $200 per year for shared web-hosting.

You need to have shared, cloud or VPS hosting to setup your self hosted website (Blog). 

I have hosted this blog on Hostinger Business Web-Hosting  and it costs me just $36/year, however. your can also buy a hosting plan for as low as $1/ month. 

Free Vs Self Hosted Websites (blogs):

Though you can start a blog for free. Self hosted sites (blogs) use to have more security, privacy.

  1. You will be owner of your blog, no-one else can cancel your access to site. Free blogging website can spend your account anytime, if they found any issue.
  2. Free blogging website not owned by someone else, you use to have limited editing features.
  3. Self hosted blogs give your freedom to choose any niche for posts, however free hosting can suspend if you violate their terms.
  4. Free blog mostly get more traffic in the begging as compared to self hosted blog. Though for blogs, you will have to do SEO to get traffic on your blog.
  5. Some free hosting don’t allow you to use your own domain name (like
  6. Free blogging website mostly have more user base to complete but more scope to show you post without SEO.
In my opinion, you can use free blogging website but if you want more security, more revenue, you should consider using self hosted blogs. You can start a self hosted blog on Hostinger and get a domain name for your business for free.

How To Make Money From Your Blog:

There are many great ways to monetise your blog and generate good amount of money every month. 

  1. Show ads on your users and get paid if someone click on it. You can can use services like Google Adsense to monetise your site with ads.
  2. Promote Amazon or other affiliate products on your website, get commission on each sale. Once a user click on any product image or link you have shared on your blog and makes purchase, you will get share on that.
  3. You can also promote your own or others seller courses though your blog. They will buy form your and you will make handsome amount helping others to learn online.
  4. You can also sell products on your blog with the help of WoCommerce Plugin.
There could be many other ways, but these are among the must trusted, high paying and easy to setup methods for your blog monetisations. 

How To Design A Blog:

If you are using a free blogging website like or, you can simply follow the steps:

  1. Create an account on these website as publisher.
  2. For blogger, select the blog template (design) you like in the dashboard. 
  3. Start writing articles. Learn more to setup you blog on blogger for free (Here).

But self hosted bogs require  time and effort before your start writing-

  1. Firstly, you need to buy domain and hosting to setup your blog.
  2. Install WordPress for one-click installable hooting c-panel.
  3. Install a desired theme, you want to use for your blog. 
  4. Do some editing using visual builders like Elementor. 
  5. Change parma-links structure.
  6. Create categories and menu.
  7. Start writing article. 
You with an awesome video here to learn more about setting up your own blog- Click Here.

Top 5 Tips To Grow Your Blog:

Setting up a blog is not enough for making money online. Your website must have good numbers of traffic to start earning a decent amount form it. 

  • Do proper SEO for all post and pages using Yoast or Rank Math Plugins
  • Get you website integrate in popular search engines like Google. 
  • Always write content to help people not only for making money.
  • Create as many quality backlinks as  possible. 
  • Write at least 600 to 3000+ words long post.
  • Share on social media and other places to engage users. 

Hope this article gave your meaningful insight about starting a blog. If you still have any question, please contact us here. 


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