14-year-old Wins ₹1 crore in KBC And Creates History

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You’ve got to inspire yourself. He is certainly lucky, but what makes him better? Well, there are opportunities for everyone, and I will also include how you can earn big money.

He is the youngest winner in KBC.

I believe making over one million dollars in a day is not common for a 14-year-old kid who comes from a middle-class background. As an adult, I fail to make millions every year. Hardly, I end up making $30,000 to $50,000, but this miracle is not happening in dreams.

Kids like Mayank sometimes show extraordinary unbeatable achievements that make common people think big and desire more.

Lately, a 14-year-old kid named Mayank from Haryana state in India won one crore in ‘Kon Banega Crorepati,’ i.e., KBC, and received best wishes from the Haryana Chief Minister.

On Sony Entertainment Television channel, KBC airs at 9 pm from Monday to Friday, and millions of viewers in India and abroad enjoy it.

Basically, it’s a reality show where contestants from across the country apply to participate in a question and answer quiz show, and the one who gets the best score in the final takes part in KBC. In each episode, one person sits in front of the legendary actor Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and tries his luck.

Sometimes, top actors and actresses are also invited to participate and win cash. This show is hosted by Mr. Bachchan, who has done 100+ Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Anyone who joins the contest can win several million by giving answers related to different topics such as mythology, math, cinema, and others.

Mayank is unlike several contestants; in this season, he won 1 crore Indian rupees, which is more than 1 million dollars, and that too in just one night.

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How can you make over a million this year?

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Here are 5 ways to make a million this year:

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  4. YouTube and Sponsorship.
  5. Dropshipping.

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