I Spent 1893 Days Learning What Truly Makes Money Online

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Life without money is like a pen without ink. Don’t you agree with me? The hard part is that money can’t be grown on trees. 🙂

Whether you like it or not, you need money to fulfill your dreams, food, shelter, friends, family, and respect.

At least for me, there was nothing to support myself.

After several ups and downs, failure and struggle, I realized one thing that always helped me i.e. learning.

That was no other way than my skills (Real Education i.e learning).

You will learn:

  1. What challenges did I face?
  2. What really worked for me?
  3. How can start the same?
  4. My advice and tips for beginners.
  5. Conclusion.

And this impaired me to keep learning for another 1893 days since August 2017, which started making me money in the first few months.

What Truly Makes Money Online:

Who cares what have you done so far if it didn’t help you to achieve anything in your life which is valuable for you and society?

Yes, success is often measured by your achievements.

Previously, I shared my 10 ways to make money from home and that really worked for me all along the journey.

That can be found here:

What actually worked for me is already there in the post shared above. You can follow the same method, tools, and strategies to make a decent amount of money.

I am not done yet.

What challenges did I face?

Even if know that your knowledge will pay you off more than anything and it’s a foundation for a bright future, you still need money to keep you motivated.

I can’t just sit back and focus on leaning.

Money was a necessity for many things I needed.

What to do then?

I researched for something, that I can learn in a few weeks it can start paying me off from the in few weeks.

Yes, It was also a kind of learning that is really needed when you start. Success never comes on its own, rather you fight for it.

Before I get to the topic, keep this in mind:

Learn (Research) → Execute → Optimise & Analysis → Success → Re-start the process (If fails).

Yes, this was my very first learning.

You learn so-many things and possibly everything works but you never know what strategies to implement, which tools to use, what clients to approach, or which business models to work on.

Yes, that is something very annoying and you are most likely to miss out on something that will decide your success.

There is no shortcut, however, a guru can certainly help to learn things in the shortest time with maximum accuracy.

That’s why I keep sharing trusted and effective ways to make money from the internet.

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Initially, I read about several things, a business that works, stratigies, and tips and tricks which eventually created several confusions.

  1. Which strategy to follow?
  2. Which business model to try first?
  3. What could be the best way to implement it?
  4. What if it fails?
  5. Where can I find the rest information or support if required?

It’s not just me. This is something that you really need to know before you start a business.

However, I found that 3 things can really make you money form the very first month of your online journey.

Yes, after a lot of research and testing… I can say that.

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Freelance work
  3. Trading (Stock Market)

Eventually, it turned out to be tough to select anyone to start trials.

Fortunately, I chose to start freelancing in the first place and started learning what could make me money.

But, it was not an easy task.

After my research, I found that there is a lot of scope for freelance web designers (WordPress experts), and even today it’s in demand.

But, I had no idea about coding, website designing, marketing, and best practices.

My dedication, helped me to find a solution for it initially.

Yes, I ended up learning about a tool “WordPress” where I can design all kinds of websites just by dragging and dropping without any coding knowledge.


What really worked for me?

At this time, I knew “WordPress” is the right tool and skill that I required to make money as a freelancer.

Anyway, it took just 7 days to completely practice the WordPress website design basics from scratch.

This free guide can also help you to learn WordPress from scratch.

Yes, if you don’t know how to design a website yourself, you can sell any services to clients across the globe.

Fortunately, I cracked the secret freelancing formula.

It helped me to earn more than $3000 in the first three months as a freelancer and that’s really crazy for someone like me.

It was 10x of my regular earnings. Simply WOW!!

My secrets can be found here.

Great, It’s was a success.

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How can start the same?

Back in mid-2019, I stopped working actively as a freelance web designer and started looking for something highly profitable, easy to start, and which can make me money even when I am sleeping.

I found 3 things, which actually makes you money even when you are sleeping and don’t require less than $100 of investment.

Yes, it was possible. Let’s talk about 3 online business, that makes you money even when you are sleeping.

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. YouTube Content Creation

Each one of them is a highly profitable and recurring source of earnings. Whether you write on your own blog website or Medium, publish videos, or promote recurring affiliate products, it keeps making money for you, even when you are sleeping.

They always stay on the network, websites, or youtube and keep driving traffic, views, or sales to make you money.

That’s what motivated me to switch from Freelancing to the be try these recurring income businesses.

Sounds cool?

No just that, it has the potential to make you earn $500 to $1000000 every month and even more if you are lucky enough.

That’s the magic.

I am not here to bluff here. I have a blog where I write to help entrepreneurs, businesses, and small creator to grow their businesses or for making money online, and in return, I earn from ads.

Not just ads, I also earn from affiliate sales generated through my blog, sponsored guest posting, sponsored backlinks and spreading awareness, and more.

This system keeps working for me even when I am sleeping and that’s the beauty of working on a blog or YouTube.

To cut short the struggles. I keep publishing my entire learning in the form of medium posts, and blog posts on my website.

It will save you time, struggle, and money.

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How can start the same?

I have already shared the best methods that work for beginners and have an earning potential of $1000 to $10000s of the dollar.

It’s time to share what you can try for yourself.

1. Create A Blog Website (Recurring income)

Yes, blogs help you to help others in achieving their dreams, solving their problems, and at the same time, you make money through ads or affiliate marketing.

Here is an in-depth article to help you create a blog website.

2. Freelancing

If you want to work independently for businesses or employers across the globe on your own terms, it is the best way.

It’s a quick, easy and high-paying opportunity that requires almost no investment yet has the potential to make you $5000+ in the first few months.

This article can help you to learn in detail-

3. Affiliate marketing

It requires some money to run ads or targeted traffic to generate sales for your clients (affiliate networks).

It’s also a highly profitable and “Quick to earn money” method That works if you really pay great attention and caution in several ways.

Here is a post that can help you to learn in detail-

Now you know some of the best ways that work for everyone provided you dedicate yourself to achieving the desired results.

It’s not like that you read the post and next morning you account will be credited by 1000s of dollar.

I am afraid, it is a bad joke.

Though, consistency, discipline, and passion to fulfill your burning desire of building a highly profitable online business can be full-filled.

That is something very relatable.

You can find 100s of blogs and writers here who fail to sever any purpose and that bring no fortune for them even when they keep working hard.

Smart work, honesty, and building trust help here.

What if it fails?

Literally, there is nothing that can fail or not work if you really work putting your entire energy.

Either you learn or earn but never fail. That’s the only the truth that stays.

Let’s take my example.

Do you think that I was always a good creator or blogger?

Not, I was not.

I keep writing and publishing content on various platforms for nearly 2 years now and it really worked for me.

I leaned, what to write, how to write, title selection, keywords selection, SEO and much more.

This all could happen because I took an initiative to create a blog for generating recurring income.

That’s helped me in several ways.

Because of that, I am able to write here for helping young entrepreneurs.

So, when it looks as if it has failed, try to change your perspective and find he reasons behind to correct and grow.

That’s the only way to succeed. You can’t get ready to eat food when people to fighting for a few pennies.

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Where can I find the rest information or support if required?

Opportunities are endless but the right information is they to succeed. It’s really important to learn to form the people who are really working to make this world a better place selflessly.

That really gives you wings to kiss the sky.

There are many great bloggers on medium and YouTube who really create great content to help the internet community to thrive.

However, you can also take help from this website- https://manipathak.com

I Spent 1893 Days Learning, earning and bring the useful resources for my followers.

As much as possible, I covered it all here and hope that it helps you to find your right place in the internet world of money.

Please like, follow, and share to help 1000s other entrepreneurs to build their fortunes online and to retire early.

Don’t hesitate to check my blog for once at least here-

It’s time to take a leave.

It was a nice experience talking to you virtually Mani Pathak.

Thanks for reading.

Mani Pathak
Mani Pathak

Mani is a seasoned SEO Expert, Web Developer, and Freelancer with 5+ years of experience. He has worked with 20+ publications and 200+ clients, delivering exceptional results. With his expertise in optimizing websites and crafting effective digital strategies, Mani can elevate your online presence and drive organic traffic to your site. Trust his skills to take your business to the next level.

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