Access blocked sites easily- Learn how?

Access blocked sites easily- Learn how?
Learn how to unblock a blocked website?

Dear friends, we are here with another cool topic “How to access blocked sites easily?“. Friends, we often wish to visit some sites for downloading movies, watching videos and for many other reasons, but we see that the site is not loading due to some reason.

We feel sorry and start looking for another site which is good and not blocked, but now you can browse blocked sites easily. In this article, you will know about accessing blocked sites easily and for free.

Before going to the topic straight, I would love to share some ideas about blocked sites.
when we publish any illegal, copyright protected, provoking or any unethical things on our website. Most of the government block these sites to protect user rights and ensure safety and prosperity.

These sites still run like normal and stay on the server, but not visible to you. they are blocked when you try to visit these sites. Some sites are blocked in a particular county, while a few are blocked worldwide. Site, which has been blocked in a particular county can be easily accessed with the use of VPN.

What is VPN?  

VPN (Virtual private network) is a process of creating your own network to access some sites/ contents online hiding your own local IP and displaying another IP which can access the site/content.

Let’s see, you want to see a website in India which is blocked in INDIA, you will use a VPN to browse the internet displaying the IP of any other county. You will pretend to be in other country and cessing the website with the help of VPN and this way you can access the site.

How to access blocked sites easily?

Chrome app extensions
Click the Web store button
  1. Install Google Chrome browser in your PC.
  2. Open the Chrome browser and type “chrome://apps/” as shown above.
Touch VPN extension for chrome


3. Now click on “Web Store” icon and search for “Touch VPNextension as shown above in the image and install it.

vpn for free
VPN extension for chrome

4.  Now look for the icon shown in the above image and select the county you want to browse from and thus, you can access any site which is blocked in your county but not blocked in any other country.

Friends, this is 100% accurate and trusted way to access any blocked website. Now you can unblock any website and enjoy easily. Hope this article will help you browse safely and enjoy fully. Please share your views about this article and any other support you are looking for.

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