Building Flutter App For Any WordPress Website (Free Guide)

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Anyone can build Android/iOS apps for their WordPress website.

WordPress is so popular that I have built over 200 websites for my clients and for personal use. Even my own blog,, has been built on WordPress. However, building a Flutter app for any WordPress website is not easy.

Don’t worry; I’m here to help you learn and build a great Flutter app for your WordPress website without coding skills and spending hours.

Yes, believe me… Though this blog post is FREE to read and the method is extremely easy, I’m sharing my 5 years of experience here to help my fellow web designers and entrepreneurs.

If you’re a beginner with no prior knowledge of Flutter, here’s a basic introduction:

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit developed by Google. It enables the creation of cross-platform applications for web browsers, Fuchsia, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows, all from a single shared codebase.

What if you know nothing about coding? You have no experience in building Flutter apps, or you don’t know any tools to easily convert your WordPress website into a Flutter app.

I’ve found that many online website-to-app conversion services (tools and websites) are very expensive, charging up to $200 per month, and they don’t offer full control over your apps once they’re created.

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That’s where I come in with an almost free, no-code, and easy method to build a Flutter app for any WordPress website.

  • Convert eCommerce website (WordPress) into a Flutter app.
  • Your blog website to a flutter app.
  • Build travel website to a flutter app.
  • Almost any website to a flutter app.

Yes, you will be able to build a Flutter app for any WordPress website without coding skills and gain 100% control.

How To Build Flutter App For Any WordPress Website?

Previously, I discussed why this post is truly awesome for everyone who wants to build cross-platform apps (coded once to work on all platforms) without any coding skills, particularly for Android and iOS smartphones.

It’s time to dive in and learn in detail.

There are mainly four ways to build a Flutter app for any WordPress website without coding, but I will mainly focus on the first two as they are no-code, easy, and the most affordable methods:

  1. Using paid app templates and source code from ThemeForest.
  2. Using paid no-code tools (drag and drop) to build a Flutter app.
  3. Using websites that allow you to build apps.
  4. Custom coding using the Flutter development kit from Google.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s cover them one by one and help you build the best app for yourself.

Method #1: Using paid app templates and source code from ThemeForest (No code)

For almost every kind of WordPress website, there is already a Flutter app and source code developed by different companies and developers, which is made available at ThemeForest, as you can see below.

Flutter app and source code at ThemeForest.

Based on your requirements, you can search for different themes (designs) and codes and buy them for a really small cost, which is less than $100. This can save you 10,000 hours of manual work on custom app development for your WordPress website.

If you go this way, you can also take support to deploy the app for you for a very small fee, and you’ll have 100% control, access to the source code, and the ability to publish and promote it.

Generally, companies charge $1,000 to $5,000 and above to build a complex Flutter app for your WordPress website. However, using this method, you can build your app for less than $400 and save a lot of time.

What makes it the best choice?

  • Low development cost.
  • Quick and easy process to build app for WordPress website.
  • Both Android and ios apps at the way low price of one app developement.
  • Almost all kind off apps and source codes are available to choose from.
  • 100% control on your app for updates, publishing and further customisation if required.
  • There is no recurring monthly fee.
  • You can publish anywhere and manage.

Note: Many developers and designers may try to deceive you by offering Android and iOS apps for as low as $100, but they provide you with web view apps, not native or hybrid apps custom-coded with Flutter. Don’t fall into this trap.

Web view apps simply wrap your website in an app, essentially loading your website in the form of an app. There’s no designing or custom work involved for the app. You can read more in detail about native, hybrid, and web view apps here.

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Method #2: Using paid no-code tools (drag and drop to build Flutter app for any WordPress website)

Unlike the first methods, which still require you to hire someone, cutting development costs and saving time, this provides end-to-end control over your app’s design and features, as well as saving a lot of money.

I know, it sounds too good to be true, but believe me, you can create your own app if you have basic computer proficiency and have used tools like the Elementor page builder.

Yes, just like Elementor, this Flutter app development tool lets you build Android and iOS apps for your WordPress website easily by dragging and dropping.

0*D08 eMedu9BMgZgR
Image source: Codecanyon. Flutter App For WordPress & Woocommerce.

You get hundreds of free customizable templates, a WordPress plugin to connect to your WordPress website through an API, and an easy-to-use, no-code app development interface, which you can access by paying a one-time small cost.

App builder works the same popular Page Builder in WordPress.
App builder works the same popular Page Builder in WordPress.

These WordPress to Flutter app builder tools work in a similar popular way to the Page Builder in WordPress, utilizing a drag-and-drop interface. However, they feature a special UI/UX designed for easy configuration and mobile app previews.

I’ll provide you with a list of free and paid WordPress to Flutter app builder tools. However, this one stands out as the best and is much better thanwebsites offering app development services with monthly fees.

  1. Flink — WordPress App Builder
  2. FluxNews— Flutter mobile app for WordPress
  3. Cirilla— Multipurpose Flutter App For WordPress & Woocommerce
  4. FluxBuilder — WordPress to app building tool.

I’m sure, you may find other if none of these are really helpful for you and your want to try something new.

How it works?

This is the easiest process to build an app; however, you still need to purchase the app source codes and a license to use the online app builder tool.

The app builder tool costs $59 per month, and you can build up to 10 apps in a month and continue using them even after your subscription ends. However, every time you update an app you’ve built, you need to renew your subscription.

Apart from the cloud-based app building tool, you also need to buy the source code, which costs a one-time fee of $69.

Once you have the app source code, it’s entirely your choice whether to build it using the paid cloud-based app builder or set up a Flutter environment on your desktop to build your app.

I have included detailed graphics to help you prepare your website.

Image source: FluxStore. Step by step guide to Build Flutter App For Any WordPress Website.

To your surprise, all four of the tools I’ve shared in this method follow the same principle, making it remarkably easy to build a Flutter app for any WordPress website in no time.

In particular, Appbuilder for the Cirilla template and FluxBuilder for the Flux store, along with other templates, are among the best options to consider.

  • You gain access to an online app builder.
  • Need to buy license to build apps using cloud based app builders.
  • Source code included and anyone can build.
  • After all is built, no monthly renew required for online builder.
  • Trusted by 20000+ users.
  • You can also build yourself setting up Flutter environment on your pc and modify id need using the source code.

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If you build it yourself using this method, it will cost you approximately $200 to purchase the necessary licenses and materials. After that, you’ll need to dedicate some time to the process.

I can do the same work for you for as little as $400 and handle the publishing, saving you at least $2,000 in Flutter app development costs for any WordPress website when compared to hiring an agency for iOS and Android development.

Method #3 — Using websites that allow you to build apps

Fortunately, I’ve shared some great ways above to convert your WordPress website into Flutter apps, but there’s another great way to build Flutter apps.

Yes, it’s the easiest among all the other methods to build your app, but you will have to consider a monthly fee that platforms charge you to build and manage apps.

You will have full control and an online portal to build your app in your desired format, but you need to pay anywhere between $30 to $200 per month based on different features.

As long as you keep the app active, you can edit, update, and republish, but you will have to keep paying the platform’s membership fee.

That’s why, in my opinion, this is the easiest but most expensive way to convert your WordPress website into a Flutter app (hybrid app).

Key highlights:

  • You need not to buy any template to install flutter development kit.
  • Almost all kind of apps, you can directly build though their website tool for you wordPress website.
  • It’s the easiest but most expensive among all other.
  • You app access and control is also shared with the platform.

Top 5 Website to app development platforms:

I’m pretty sure that if you’re still reading, you want to understand and explore the best way to build a great app for your WordPress website.

Create an app with the best mobile app builder. Image source — Appmysite.

Fortunately, I’m sharing here the top 5 websites that you can use to build Android and iOS apps from your website for a monthly fee.

  1. — New way to build apps without coding.
  2. Appmysite — Go from web to app, quickly and easily.
  3. AppPresser — The best way to create iOS and Android mobile apps that integrate with WordPress
  4. Mobiloud — Transform your website into a native app, achieve savings of over $100,000, eliminate unnecessary maintenance, and grow your mobile presence with a team of experts by your side.
  5. AppMaker — Turn your website into an Android app effortlessly with Appmaker’s WebApp in just three simple steps. Upload the URL, specify the app name, and choose an app icon — that’s all it takes! Within minutes, you’ll have a Google Play-ready app at your disposal, ready to provide you with the Android app experience of your website.

When you search, you can find ten or more other platforms, but I’ve shared the five most trusted website-to-app development platforms.

Some of these can be quite expensive, while others are moderately priced. I can help you save a lot of costs if you want to build a Flutter app for your WordPress website with a one-time payment.

Now, the time has come for the 4th and toughest method that only a developer can follow. However, don’t skip it yet; I will answer some commonly asked questions below to help you make an informed decision.

Method #4 — Custom coding using the Flutter development kit

In a nutshell, I’m not quite excited to share this method because it will be hardly doable for only 10% of readers, precisely those who can code in Java and necessary languages using the Flutter Development kit from Google.

Yes, I mean, even if you have designs from Figma or Adobe XD for your app, or an in-built UI/UX, this needs to be coded to build the desired app.

  • This is for coders only.
  • You can learn in detail about the Flutter development kit on their official website.
  • It’s quite expensive if you hire an agency to develop an app from scratch.
  • Your app development time can increase by 20X if you do this, coding line by line.

That’s why I’m not recommending it unless you have some specific needs that you can’t find a solution for in my previous recommendations for building a Flutter app for any WordPress website.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Let’s answer some of the commonly asked questions to help you clear your doubts and make a better app for your website.

Q1. Can I build any app with Flutter?

Yes, Flutter is meant to help you build cross-platform (hybrid) apps with a single line of code, saving a lot of time when building apps for different mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and desktop applications.

In general, building different kinds of apps using Flutter for your WordPress website is also possible. This way, you will see everything on your website, and changes will automatically be reflected in your app through a REST API.

I have already shared detailed information about this in the middle of this post.

Q2. Can I use Flutter in WordPress?

lutter is used to build all different kinds of apps, whether you have a WordPress website or not. Either way, it facilitates the building of apps, and certainly, you can build apps for a WordPress site using Flutter, as we have discussed above.

Q3. Which famous app is built using Flutter?

Significant initiatives carried out by well-known and powerful organisations, including Google Ads, eBay, the BMW app, Tencent, Groupon, and the list goes on, have included Flutter. But why do they use Flutter instead of local languages or other cross-platform frameworks is a frequently asked issue.


Even though this post took 14 hours to write, I was committed to sharing different ways to build a Flutter app for any WordPress website, with or without coding.

The second method (shared above) is my preferred way to turn any website into an Android and iOS app as it is the most affordable, easy to build through dragging and dropping, and less time-consuming.

Building an app for your WordPress website can open up several opportunities and increase the reach of your business.

People occasionally visit websites, but keeping an app installed on their devices always keeps you ahead of competitors and allows you to continue generating business and revenue.

Apps can also be monetized with additional services, such as Google Ads Mob (advertising), and other features to provide a significant boost to your earnings, leads, and business growth.

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