Create a landing page for affiliate marketing easily.

Create a landing page for affiliate marketing for free.

A best catchy landing page can boost your affiliate marketing goals and bring good results. But, how can we create a landing page for affiliate marketing for free?

Well, It quite simple, easy, and less time-consuming for anyone. There are two easiest methods to start from scratch.

  1. A WordPress landing page building using Elementor plugin. It is like drag-n-drop and hardly takes 1 Hrs to build the best landing page.

You can learn here, “how to design an affiliate marketing landing page on WordPress ?” from my previous post here. 

2.  Using third-party websites like WIX, Mailchimp, Elastic email, Sending blue and many other best websites are there.

You can also design using HTML, CSS, and JS if you have experience. However, these are free and drag-n-drop methods. Don’t require any coding skills.

This video below can help you create a free landing page and your get 14 days free trial. However, below we have some website which doesn’t require your to pay any time.

Always free website (tools) to create your landing page is below. ↓

#Create a landing page for affiliate marketing – Free Tools

1. SendinBlue Landing Page Builder– It free email marketing and automation tool. You can also create the best free landing pages for all kinds of needs.

  • Free landing pages you can design with them.
  • Start email and SMS marketing and build funnels for free.
  • Integrate chat features into your website.
  • They also give free CRM tools.
  • You can also get help in building the best Facebook Ads.

#4  Steps to build your landing page with SendinBlue

1. Dag-N-Drop to build the design you want.  Create landing pages that look amazing and match your brand without needing any coding skills.

3. Add pages to create a guided process. Provide a more streamlined and positive user experience by adding follow-up pages

4. Publish and shart promoting your affiliate landing page.

what is landing page
landing page examples

2.. Groove Funnel- Unlike other tools like Click-Funnel, it helps you to create a landing page for affiliate marketing at zero cost and you can have it for life long. It saves your $50 to $150/month cost of landing pages. 

3. Instapage– It’s also a well know landing page builder you can use for affiliate marketing sites. They only offer 14 days free trial, unlike other sites I have shared.

4. Elastic emails– It’s also a free and well know email marketing tool with many features like landing page creation. You can create as many pages as you like for free and send up to 9000 emails per month for free.

2. Mailchimp landing page builder – It’s also a completely free and easy drag-n-drop landing page builder tool. You can also do email marketing with them.

For affinities products, if you wish to build leads pages or a good number of subscribers, they are highly helpful. you get up to 12000 free emails per month to promote your services.

I hope this article has helped you to create a landing page for affiliate marketing for free and you loved this article.

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