Email Marketing Sponsors: Send bulk emails for free.

Email marketing sponsors- Send bulk emails for free.

Friends, If you are about to launch an email marketing campaign for your business, wait there are some free email marketing sponsors to help you start without worrying about money to invest.

Fortunately, You don’t require to have $50 to $100 initially to start email marketing for your business. There offer a free 9000 to 62000 free email sending facility at absolutes zero cost. 

Are you excited t to lunch your email marketing campaigns? 

They are the best companies where you are creating your email marketing campaigns and start sending emails in build at absolutely free of cost.

Why do we need email marketing?

Well, it has been proven in the last 10 years that there could be no better option than email marketing to generate leads at the lowest cost possible.

1.  To generate leads for your business and make money.
2.  To send transactional emails for your website.
3.  Sharing offers and new launched with your users (clients).
4.  Saving online marketing costs.
5.  To get highly targeted leads at almost zero cost.
6.  To Build brand value.

DisclaimerEmail Marketing is not meant for spamming people. Try to avoid sending bulk emails to random users, who have not consented to receive emails from you. You may get blocked and penalized for not following the email guidelines. 

Top email marketing sponsors:

These companies allow your to send min 500 emails per day and up to 600000 emails every month for absolutely free. It makes them the best choice to start your email marketing county for free and upgrade once you start making money from it.

1. Sendinblue

As the name suggests, it allows sending 9000 emails every month for free. Once you start marking money and have enough capital to send more emails even day, you can upgrade to their paid plan.

Top email marketing sponsors.
Sendinblue Free Email Marketing Plans.

Did you just signup to grab the free email marketing offers?

Don’t worry it is free for everyone and even money, no need to pay any money until you start earning from your email campaigns.

  • It’s free to send 9000 emails every month.
  • For just $20, you can send unlimited emails to your 10K subscribers.
  • There is no forced upgrading until you don’t exceed the free limit.
  • 9000 email can easily generate up to 100 leads for your business and for most of the small startups, it is enough.
  • Best support and easy to set up.

How to set up a SendingBlue account?

Though it free but you need to set it up is properly. This video can help you set up your email marking campaign and SendingBlue account.

It takes just 3 minutes to set up your SendingBlue Complete Digital marketing solutions for your business.

2. Amazon SES services

Amazon’s simple email service (SES) gives you the flexibility to send up to 62000 emails every month for free.

However, Amazon SES works on a pay-as-per-uses method. If you exceed the given limit in any month of starting the email marketing campaigns, you will be charged for only the extra amount of emails you sent.

Pricing Plans:

Amazon Simple Email Services offers a free sending limit of 62000 emails every month however if you wish to send additional emails, you can send at a price of $0.1/1000 email.

Amazon Simple Email Service
Amazon SES Pricing Plans

Just like SendingBlue, it’s also the best option to start sending your promotional and transactional emails to your clients for absolutely free.

3. Gmail Email Services

Yes, it also allows to send up to 15000 emails every month for free. However, it’s a little bit tricky to send emails using Gmail.

Gmail is a free service from Google and it allows you to send 500 emails per day, but you need to send one by one. However, there are some tools to use and send 500 emails at a time on automation. 

  1. G-Mass is a popular plugin you can add your email account to send bulk emails for free.
  2. Pabbly is also used to send bulk emails using Gmail. You need to connect your Gmail account with Pabbly and you can send all your emails on automation.

Well, they’re still something exceptional, I can tell you about sending bulk emails using Gmail.

All smart marketers use WordPress and Gmail together to send all emails in bulk without spending any money. 

Gmail And WordPress Combo Email Automation Method.

For sending bulk emails using WordPress with the integration of Gmail email id, you need to have a WordPress website.

Follow the steps here:

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to the plugins section.
  2. Install free email marketing plugins like Newsletter, Hustle, MailPoet, or PostMan SMTP plugin as it will make it easy to set up.
  3. Create Gmail Email API from Google Cloud console.
  4. Add your email id and this Gmail API to the Postman SMTP plugin.
  5. Authenticate and get approved in seconds.

Wow, No you can automate all your website email using Gmail and also send bulk email-making mails at no cost.

Dont’s Paise Me Now. It’s My Pleasure to Share This Awesome Thing with you.  

Postman SMTP plugin (Email Automation Using WordPress)
Postman SMTP plugin

These are some best email sponsors you can use to skyrocket your business at absolutely no cost.

Some Alternatives:

1. MailChimp – It’s also among the most trusted and free email marketing sponsors, you can you for bulk emailing at no cost.

  • It has a limit of 12000 free emails per month, however, if you pay a small monthly fee, you can send as many emails as you like.

2. Elastic Email– It’s also a free email marketing tool and the most affordable among all of the above email marketing tools except Amazon SES.

  • It allows you to send up to 9000 emails every month for free.


There is nothing free in this world, but there is always hope for better things to happen. All the above email marketing sponsors are really good and free, but they hope you upgrade once your start making money using their services.

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