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Send Mass Emails For Free

There are many Email marketing software and site to send emails in bulk. However, You can send 300+ emails for free at once. Moreover,  you can send as many emails as your wish to send for a little fee..

Recently, I got a message from Dipti Mam, on my existing post. She wanted to know, how she can send 100+ emails at once.

How to send mass emails for free?

I thought of answering it with a blog post to help others also. You may learn to send bulk emails for free. You can send up to 12k emails for free every month.

Free Email Marketing Tools-

1. You can use the free bulk email sending website. You must need to have a domain name and you can configure it on websites like Sendingblue, Elastic emails, and MailChimp. Their sites give you up to 12k free email sending credit to start sending.

**Here I have a post that can help you set up your bulk email sending system. 

Here, We have a video that also can help you set up your best emailing service for any kind of marketing solution. You can send 300+ emails / per day at once for FREE.

2. You can pay for c-panel based hosting and once you get your hosting you can easily create a free business email id. From this email id, you can send 1000+ to 3500 emails at once for free.

Some hosting companies let you send 500 on average, however, this company allows you to send 3000+ emails for free using the SMTP server. This method would be the best way to send mass emails for free* (Nearly Free).

If you not from India, you can check out this website, It also offers the same mass sending limit.

How To Setup Email Sending On Our C-Panel Based Hosting?

  • After purchasing the hosting ($25 to $50/ year), you can go to the c-panel dashboard. you can get free hosting also, check out this post. 
  • Click to “Email Account option” in the C-panel.
  • Create an email id by entering your name and save it.
  • Now install WordPress on this hosting and free/paid domains (domains are the name of your website, you can buy from a Hosting seller or can get it for free).
  • Install the plugin for mass mailing and configure it with the email id you created for free.
  • Now you can easily send mass emails for free with the help of the plugin you added. All these tools to design and send emails are free, even you can get free hosting from here.

You can learn to install WordPress here and also you can add plugins with the help of this blog post, I created earlier.

I hope you have learned to send mass emails for free. These sites and methods are easy and best for anyone.

Setup your mass email sending system and send it for free. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

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