Free single product WP theme- Install and design easily.

Free single product WooComemrce theme

Are you struggling to find the best free single product WooCommerce theme? Well, this post will surely help with the right theme and guide to designing a successful website.

To be honest, mostly single product landing pages (theme) use to be paid and you can buy any of them from the Themeforest.

However, this theme is free and you can design single products WooCommerce website using it. I will discuss that in detail but please read the full post and share if it helps.

Free single product WooCommerce theme:

Let’s learn bayou the best and free theme which you can use to design your single product WooCommerce website.

Yes, it’s the “Astra” theme

Hang on! Would you not like to learn how to design a single product WooCommerce WordPress store? Please read the full post or you will not understand that process to set up.

Note** : I am not an ASTRA theme affiliate, it's just to help you find the right single product WooCommerce theme.

How To Create A Single Product Website:

You need two plugins WordPress plugins on priority to create a single product WooCommerce website using ASTRA theme.

Elementor Builder has a complete tutorial to help you create a WooCommerce single product website from scratch.

If you don’t know how to install a theme on WordPress, you can refer to this post.

I am assuming that you have installed the theme and your WordPress website, now let’s follow the steps to design your single products website.

Install Theme and plugins
Install Theme and plugins

1. Install the required plugins

You need Elementor Website Builder and WooLentor plugin to design your very single product WooCommerce. Please install and activate the plugins.

Don’t worry, these plugins are absolutely free!

It’s obvious, you also need the WooCommerce plugin and Classic Editor plugin before your design your single product website. Please install and activate.

2.  Create a single product page using Elementor

Now, you have all the essential plugins to start the work, please create a page and edit using Elementor page builder.

This video will guide you to design your very first single product WooCommerce planning page, even if you are a complete beginner.

Hope this helps!

3. Import, edit, and publish.

You have hopefully learned know how to use Elementor website builder and will be above import or create a new product store.

Now, go to “WooLentor” and install any pre-designed templates and customize using the Elementor plugin.

That’s it. 

No, you are able to use our free single product WooCommerce theme to build a responsive, powerful, and fast web store in a few minutes,

Out of the box FAQs

Let’s answer some of your queries to see what and why it is the best way to create a free single-page website with any prior knowledge and coding skills.

1. How to set up a WP website.

You can follow our tutorial to install a WordPress website on the cheapest, yet fast and secure server. You need fast web hosting, domain, and SSL before your start building your single product WooCommerce store.

2. Astra theme is free for everyone?

Yes, you can simply install and use it as long as you like. However, you can also upgrade the theme to get more features and benefits.

3. It is fast and secure, Astra theme?

Yes, nearly 5000 users are have given it 5- start rating until now and yet counting. It’s well optimized, AMP ready, and free to use.

4. How many plugins do I need to install?

You shall install at least Elementor, Classic Editor, WooCommerce, and WooLentor on priority but if you want to extend the features, you can install other plugins too.

5. How many times does it take to design a single product website?

It totally depends on your skills and expertise in using the plugins. Normally it takes 1 hrs to 3 days for a perfect setup.


 6. Can you design it for me?

Yes, I will be happy to design any kind of website for you. Please feel free to contact us at our official WhatsApp chat (click here to chat).

Conclusion: Design a free one-product eCommerce store.

Well done! You have learned about the best free single product WooCommerce theme and required plugins to design a responsive and highly converting web store.

If you are looking for someone to design your website, please feel free to contact us

Fortunately, it’s free and you can also design yourself.

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