New $500 Free Google Ads Promo Codes-Apply Now!

Google Ads Promo Code

Friends, I know you are super excited to get a $500 Free Google Ads promo code. I am not joking like others to make fun of you.

I am very serious and if you really want to get $500 free Google Ads credit for promoting any business. Don’t miss out on any part of this post.

Honestly, you will get it. 

As you see in the above screenshot. Google Ads itself offers free $500 Google ads credit, but you need to follow these steps before you get it.

This $500 free credit is not for all Google Ads users in the United States. There is a special trick to grab this offer. 

Even if you are an existing Google Ads user or new user, you can easily grab the opportunity and run free promotion worth $500 for any website or business.

** Note: This free $500 Google ads credit offer is available for a limited period of time. Google can withdraw it any time. However, using my special trick you will always get at least $100 free Google Ads credit. 

Claim Your $500 Free Google Ads Promo Code Now.

This method will work for all the users, just follow the steps given below to get your free $500 Google ads promotional code (Credit).

I know, you are a bit furious at me seeing the above message. Wait, even if you are existing Google Ads users, you can claim your free $500 Google Ads promo code (Credit).

For new and old users, please follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Create a new Gmail account.

Yes, if you are a new user or existing user, create a new Gmail email account just for ruining ads. You can import from the existing account later if you like.

Step 2: Make a search

Now, you have to search typing “free Google ads promo code USA” on Google and click the first links as shown in the image below.

Now, it will take you to the Google Ads website where you can claim your free $500 Google Ads credit.

Step 3: Register With New Gmail Email Id.

Well done! On this Google Ads home page, click on the “Sign in” tab and create a new Google Ads account.



Now, you have created a new Google Ads account with a new email id.

Let’s claim you free $500 Google Ads credit.

Step 3: Claim free Google Ads credit.

Now, you have created a whole setup eligible for free Google Ads promo code (code).

To claim free Google ads credit, you need to run PPC or any ads worth $500 in the next 60 days and once the duration is complete or within 60 days, you spent $500, Google will add free $500 Ads credit to your Adsence account. 

So, what was the catch!

Now, you have known “How to get free Google Ads promotional credit”.

This method has been tested and works for everyone. Follow the steps carefully and don’t miss any part.

Simple way!

Skip the second step and simply click the link given below and register with your new email account which you have created in the first step.

👉  Claim your free Google Ads promo code now. (Click Here)

Let’s Promote Your Business.

Fortunately, I have worked as a freelance web designer and marketer for many companies in the United States and the UK.

If you want to promote your online business, I can help you there.

Why you should hire me?

1. I do proper “keywords research” and competitive analysis before building any campaigns.
2. Try to optimize your Google Ads campaigns using various optimization methods.
3. A well-optimized campaign, you may get more traffic as compared to others at lower PCC than a high CPC and low optimization.
4. I am a Google certified digital marketer, it gives me a better understanding of the system.
5. Pay only if my ads are working for you.

Sounds good?

Let’s discuss your marketing requiems.

What is CPC?

If you are promoting something online. You need to figure out many things in order to get more ROI in your business.

CPC (cost per click) basically means, how much you pay to Google Ads or any other Ads network for each and every ad click.

If the CPC is higher and people visiting your website or calling you directly for any services are not taking your services at the end, you will lose your money.

Weird, but true.

If you make more and more start taking your services or buy products with the help of Paid ads, you will see a huge return on your Ads sending amount. 

You shall always focus on what people are really interested in, not just to sell something. If you don’t give value to your users like this post, they will end up losing trust in you. 

Types Of Ads Popular Paid Ads?

1. Search Ads– Shown ads to people searching for something related to products and services you sell.

2. Display ads: Basically it’s like showing clickable banner (poster) ads across the website and social media networks to get more sales.

3. Video ADs: You can a products or services nitro video and promote it with YouTube and other paid ads networks.

These three are really popular and I believe you shall try them for sure.

Takeaway For You.

You can easily claim a free $500 Google Ads promo code following the above methods. It’s an easy and legitimate method.

If you need help to promote your business, please feel free to contact us.

I hope, this post has helped you to find the best Google Ads promotional code. please share this post with your social media accounts to help us and others.

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