Google New Ranking Signal Openness — Stop Your Business From Suffering

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Google’s New Ranking Signal.

What does it mean and how it can effect your business?

Well, Google is in the process of making their platform more robust, user centric and helpful of people searching on Google for different services.

Typically, when you setup you Google my businesslisting to showcase, let people review and generate more leads, you also setup week day when you business stays operational (Available for support and services) and time for the same.

Let’s suppose, you only take call Monday to Friday and 10:00 AM to 12:00PM and so is the setup in your GMB listing, you business listing is only shown during this time.

Google My Business Listings Example. Google New Ranking Signal Openness
Google My Business Listings Example. Google New Ranking Signal Openness.
  1. How actively you manage and publish (GMB Photos, offers etc.).
  2. Title, keywords and meta for you business listing.
  3. Location and modes of communication provided (website link, phone etc.)
  4. Proximity to Searchers
  5. Negative reviews


In conclusion, Google’s new ranking signal emphasizing “openness” is a pivotal shift that businesses with Google My Business (GMB) listings must adapt to.

Mani Pathak
Mani Pathak

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