Hostinger Coupon Codes (And Review): Hostinger 92% off Promo For New Users

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These days, the popularity of Hostinger web hosting is soaring. Many users are actively seeking reliable Hostinger coupon codes to save money, which inspired me to write this honest Hostinger review.

With over 5 years of experience as a Freelancer web developer, digital marketer, and SEO expert, I often encounter beginners seeking advice on Hostinger and its coupon codes.

If you’re here solely for the Hostinger coupon to save 92% on hosting costs, I’ve included it below. However, even if you choose not to take my advice, this post provides all the information you need to successfully host a blog, website, or app on Hostinger.

Hostinger Coupon Codes:  Grab The Flat 92%  Discount

»  Apply Coupon Code (Click Here): “MANIPATHAK”

This coupon code will help you save 92% on your new hosting order. However, if you are already a registered user and not buying for the first time, it will not work.

Hostinger gives a flat 75% discount on-site, and using this Hostinger coupon code, you will save an additional 7% discount. When you share the invoice with us via email, you will get an additional 10% discount.

This means you will get a 75+7+10=92% flat discount using my coupon code above.

»  Apply Coupon Code (Click Here): “BIRTHDAY”

In case you are not satisfied with my first coupon code, I have another one for you.

You can also apply this Hostinger coupon code to save an additional 7%. However, in total, you will be able to save only 82% of the actual hosting cost.

Yes, I guarantee that you won’t find a better deal than this.

Now, it’s time to review Hostinger if you have the time and the passion to learn from this marvellous story.

My Journey With Hostinger

Just like you, I’m a solo entrepreneur who loves to design websites, write helpful articles, and share the best deals with people on the internet.

It has been a great journey.

After trying several free web hosting solutions and failing to create anything valuable online, I started searching for a cheap and reliable web hosting company back in 2017.

That’s when I realized that Hostinger coupon codes and onsite deals could save me a significant amount of money. Without putting a burden on my pocket, I was able to run my powerful website.

That’s why I purchased the Hostinger Premium Hosting plan for one year in 2017.

Later in 2018, I bought a business hosting plan for four years and have been using it for myself and my clients’ websites.

Hostinger coupon code | My Hostinger Account
My Hostinger Account

Now you can believe that this is not just another article on the internet, but a real story from someone who has been using Hostinger for nearly 5 years and knows every detail of the platform.

Even today, I have over 25 websites hosted on Hostinger, both for myself and my clients.

For your satisfaction, I have highlighted my website with a blue circle in the image above.

Here is my purchase history for you:

Hostinger Business Plan
Hostinger Business Plan, I purchased again for 4 years in 2020.

Hostinger has been my trusted companion for a long time, not just for website and app hosting.

Now, let’s address the questions you have:

Are Hostinger servers good for your website or app?

Based on my personal experience of using Hostinger for several years, I can confidently say that their servers are reliable and perform well. Hostinger utilizes robust infrastructure and technologies to ensure smooth and efficient hosting services for websites and apps.

Their servers are known for their speed, stability, and uptime, providing a solid foundation for your online presence.

Hostinger company overview:

Hostinger International, Ltd. is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and employee-owned web hosting company. It was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Lithuania.

The company employs approximately 1,000 people. Hostinger has established itself as a reputable player in the web hosting industry, offering affordable hosting solutions with a strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction.

Hostinger servers are located across the globe and expanding.

It is obvious from the image above that Hostinger has its servers located in 8 countries.

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Brazil
  • Lithuania
  • The Netherlands.

That’s a matter for your website. More than the Hostinger coupon you use to save money, your website’s performance matters, and that’s where Hostinger server locations play a great role.

Hostinger Server Performace

Since we have discussed the impact of Hostinger’s server locations on website performance across the globe, why not start by testing my website to see how it’s performing on the Hostinger server?

  • My blog,, is hosted on the Hostinger server located in the US.
  • It is specifically targeting US readers and has been optimized using the LiteSpeed cache plugin.
  • The closer the server location is to your targeted audience, the better speed and website performance your visitors will experience. That’s why server location matters.

This test was conducted for a user in Canada who attempted to access my website.

Speed Test Using GT Matrix Tool For Website Hosted On Hostinger Server
Speed Test Using GT Matrix Tool For Website Hosted On Hostinger Server

As you can see, my website has received an “A” grade on GTMetrix, with a fully optimized structure and a fast LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) time of just 1.0s, setting it apart from others.

  • The total page size is 120 Kb, and it loads in less than 1.5 seconds.
  • This ensures that my website loads quickly and provides a great user experience, even for users with poor internet connections or older, less powerful devices.

However, it’s important to note that these performance details are specific to the server where my website is hosted. To provide a comprehensive assessment, I have performed additional tests to evaluate how well my website hosted on the Hostinger Business Hosting server performs in other countries.

Hostinger Server Speed Test In Other Countries. Hostinger coupon code
Image Source: Hostinger Server Speed Test In Other Countries

It’s evident that my website performs exceptionally well in various countries, even without having a Hostinger cloud hosting server. However, it’s important to consider other websites as well, not just mine.

With that in mind, I began to reconsider and share the uptime of Hostinger servers in the last 30 days.

Hostinger Server Uptime:

Server uptime refers to the duration for which your web hosting provider’s server, where your website is hosted, remains operational and accessible to users without any errors. The higher the uptime, the better.

Hostinger claims to have a 99.9% uptime, but I wanted to verify this claim. To do so, I conducted a test using an app.

Website Uptime and Downtime: What It Is, How to Monitor It and Improve Performance
Website Uptime and Downtime. Image Source:

Now we have evidence to support our claims.

According to the website “IsDown,” Hostinger servers experienced downtime for a total of 2,344 minutes or 39.07 hours in the last 30 days. While this translates to a 5% downtime, indicating 95% uptime, I personally haven’t experienced such prolonged periods of downtime.

If you examine historical data over a year or longer, you’ll find that Hostinger maintains an uptime of over 99%.

Hostinger Pricing Plans

Since 2017, Hostinger has gained immense popularity in India, unlike Bluehost. And for good reason. Hostinger offers affordable pricing plans, and when you use Hostinger coupon codes as a new user, it becomes difficult for any other hosting provider to compete.

In fact, Hostinger is not only affordable but also better for many businesses. Unlike hosting companies like that limit website features for plans below $5 per month, Hostinger provides 100% customization abilities that are unmatched elsewhere.

Even when comparing Hostinger Cloud hosting with Google, Microsoft Azure, and AWS, I’m shocked to see that Hostinger charges less than $10 per month for hosting and allows you to host up to 300 websites, which is incredible.

Other cloud hosting companies charge $10 to $50 for a single website, but Hostinger offers better value for your money.

Hostinger Pricing Plans: Flat 75% Off.
Hostinger Pricing Plans: Flat 75% Off.

Their Premium hosting plan starts at just $2.99 per month, and as a new user, you can enjoy a flat 75% discount. However, if you use the Hostinger coupon code I shared above and follow my advice, you can save up to a guaranteed 92%.

Cheat hosting plans India
Choose Your Web Hosting Plan. Image Source: Hostinger.

Every hosting plan offers a flat 75% discount and an additional 2 months for free. This means you only pay for 10 months instead of 12.

However, there is an important consideration: if you purchase a hosting plan for 48 months, you will get the shown pricing. If you opt for a 1-year plan, the monthly charges may be higher.

I recommend choosing a 36 to 48-month hosting plan to maximize savings. I personally purchased a 48-month plan in 2020 and am still using it.


Managed Affordable WordPress Hosting
Managed WordPress Hosting Plan

Form the above image, it’s obvious even if you chose the $2.99 hosting plan, you may need to pay $11.99 per month incase you are planing to buy just for 1 month.

Hostinger Pricing Plans:

To summarize, Hostinger offers a wide range of hosting plans at affordable prices, catering to various website and app hosting needs. They provide everything you may require for your website or app hosting, along with reliable server performance. Here are a few of their hosting plans:

  1. Shared Hosting: Starting at $2.99/month, suitable for personal and small business websites.
  2. Cloud Hosting: Starting at $9.99/month, offering scalable and high-performance hosting for growing websites.
  3. WordPress Hosting: Starting at $2.99/month, optimized specifically for WordPress-powered sites.
  4. VPS Hosting: Starting at $3.95/month, providing more control and dedicated resources for larger projects.

These plans offer different features and resources, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your requirements.

If you follow my advice, I recommend choosing Hostinger Cloud Hosting. With a cost of only $9.9/month, it offers unmatched reliability and features. You’ll get 200 GB of server space, unlimited traffic and bandwidth, 99% uptime guarantee, and much more. It’s a package that is hard to find elsewhere at such an affordable price.

Free Stuff You Get With Hostinger:

A variety of additional free advantages and services make Hostinger hosting plans an outstanding choice. The free SSL certificate for your website is one of these advantages. Your website’s data transmission is protected and safe with SSL, giving your visitors confidence and security.

This is a useful feature that guarantees your website complies with contemporary security requirements and aids in gaining the audience’s trust. Along with their hosting rates, Hostinger offers the bonus of a free SSL certificate.

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free Website Migration
  • 30 days risk free trial
  • Safe and secure hosting
  • Free website builder
  • AI website builder

I’ve found that Hostinger not only has everything you could possibly need for your website, but it also gives fantastic chances to save money using Hostinger promo codes. Their services are tailored to diverse websites’ requirements, making them a practical and affordable option for both individuals and companies.

Hostinger Support

Hostinger is known for its excellent support when it comes to website migration, technical assistance, website speed optimization, and restoring your WordPress and other websites.

Their support team is available 24/7 through chat and email, and based on my personal experience of over 4 years with Hostinger, I can confidently say that they are dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Hostinger Pros And Cons

I’m going to talk about my four to five years of utilising Hostinger for myself and my clients. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a solid 8.9 out of 10. Compared to many other hosting companies in the same price range, Hostinger, in my opinion, delivers excellent value for the money.

Their servers’ dependability and performance have constantly been great, and their customer service has been friendly and quick to respond. Overall, I have discovered Hostinger to be a dependable and affordable option for website hosting.

Pros of Hostinger:

  • Affordable pricing plans, suitable for budget-conscious individuals and businesses
  • Wide range of hosting options, including shared hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting
  • Fast and reliable servers, ensuring optimal website performance
  • User-friendly control panel with easy-to-use interface
  • Generous storage and bandwidth allowances, accommodating various website needs
  • Free SSL certificate, providing secure browsing for your website visitors
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat and email, ensuring prompt assistance
  • One-click WordPress installation, making it convenient for beginners to set up their website
  • Website builder tool available for creating professional-looking websites without coding knowledge
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try Hostinger risk-free

Cons of Hostinger:

  • Limited resources on the entry-level plans, requiring an upgrade for high-traffic websites
  • No dedicated hosting option, which may not be suitable for large-scale businesses
  • Additional fees for some advanced features, such as daily backups and priority support
  • No phone support available, only relying on live chat and email for customer assistance


Hotinger Coupon code in action.
Hotinger Coupon code in action.

Hostinger’s Premium Web Hosting plans are available for just $39.38 for a 1-year subscription, allowing you to save $110.51 by utilizing my exclusive Hostinger coupon code, MANIPATHAK. Moreover, I am pleased to extend an extra 10% discount when you provide your purchase invoice through the contact form on my website.

»  Click here To Apply Coupon Code: “MANIPATHAK”

How To Get Started With Hotinger?

We have covered everything up to this point that makes Hostinger a great choice for individuals and businesses looking to start or manage websites with high traffic.

Signing up with Hostinger and setting up your first blog is a simple process that can be completed in less than 30 minutes. In my opinion, it’s a quick and efficient way to register, take advantage of a Hostinger coupon code for a discount, and set up your WordPress blog or website.

How to setup your website on Hostinger server?

Let’s make it easy for you.

Step 1: Go to Hostinger website.
Step 2: Chose your desired hosting plan.
Step 3: Select the duration for which you want to have this hosting plan.
Step 4: Sign up using your Gmail address or any email address you have, regardless of the provider.
Step 5: Choose a Payment method like Paypal, Bitcoin, Credit Debit card, UPI and others.
Step 6: Complete the purchase.

Now that you have completed the purchase, we are not done with the website setup yet.

After the purchase, Hostinger will prompt you to choose your domain name, which can be a new business name with extensions like .com, .net, or others. Alternatively, you can also use any existing domain names you have.

Enter the desired domain name for your website. If it’s available, Hostinger will provide it to you for free and proceed to the next step. If the domain is not available, Hostinger will suggest trying different names.

However, if you have purchased the domain from another provider,  Hostinger will ask you to update the name servers accordingly.

Now, Hostinger will ask you to select the server location. Choose the one that is nearest to your country or closest to your target audience. For users in the USA, Hostinger does have server locations within the USA.

Finally, Hostinger will begin the installation process of WordPress or allow you to use your website backup. You can choose either option. If you select the WordPress installation, you will be prompted to enter your desired password and select a theme (you can change the theme later).

Congratulations! Your WordPress default site will be launched on your chosen domain. Now, it’s time to update the website design and customize it according to your preferences.

I’m sure your are loving it until here.

I always strive to deliver exceptional value to my readers, leaving no stone unturned in the process.

This video can help you design your blog or website:

This is Elementor, a free tool that offers a comprehensive step-by-step video guide to assist you in building your blog or website without the necessity of hiring an expert or spending a large sum of money.

You simply need to drag and drop elements to build your website using Elementor. It’s as simple as that, and the process can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Hostinger for Gamers: Powering Gaming Sites with Minecraft Web Hosting

For players that want to build and operate their own Minecraft servers, Hostinger offers hosting services. You may take advantage of a dependable and optimised hosting environment created especially for Minecraft games with Hostinger’s hosting options.

One-click Minecraft server setup, SSD storage for quicker performance, DDoS protection, and round-the-clock customer service are all features offered by Hostinger. Whether you’re a new or seasoned player of Minecraft, Hostinger’s hosting service can give you a smooth and satisfying gaming experience.

Discover the Additional Benefits

Not just hosting services, Hostinger offers many other great features that you may not have noticed until now. I have been lucky to explore all of them. Lately, I have discovered a few amazing things at Hostinger.


  • Professional & Secure Business Email – you can buy separately. They also give you free email hosting with H-panel when you buy a premium hosting plan.
  • Join Their Partner Program to earn 20% commission on each referral.
  • Hotinger For Professional: Setup website and manage for your clients and make money.
  • Dedicated dashboard to manage all projects in one place.

There are many more aspects and features of Hostinger that I couldn’t summarize in this short article.

If you genuinely believe that I have covered everything that can be helpful, don’t hesitate to try Hostinger, especially since they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. And don’t forget to use the Hostinger coupon I have shared above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, it’s time to address some of the commonly asked questions that may be bothering you.

Q1. Can I use more than one Hostinger coupon code at one time?

No, Hostinger allows the use of only one coupon code per order. Multiple coupon codes cannot be combined or stacked for additional discounts. Make sure to choose the coupon code that provides the best discount for your specific hosting plan.

However, if you make a purchase through our referral link, you can share your invoice with us to receive an additional 10% cashback within 40 days, once the initial 30-day money-back guarantee period is over.

This is an exclusive offer available only for users who purchase through our link. It’s a great way to maximize your savings and get even more value from your Hostinger hosting plan.

»  Learn More here.

Q2. What type of savings do Hostinger discount codes offer?

Discount codes for Hostinger give a variety of savings, depending on the particular coupon and campaign.

These discounts may be based on a percentage, such as 10%, 20%, or even up to 85% off of hosting plans. Some promotional codes may also offer extra benefits like free domain registration, SSL certificates, or additional months of hosting.

The individual coupon code and current promotions at the time of purchase will determine the savings and advantages in detail. To get the most savings, double-check each promo code’s fine print.

»  Learn More here.

Q3. Is it safe to buy domain from Hostinger?

Yes, purchasing a name through Hostinger is quite safe.

Reputable web host Hostinger provides domain registration services in addition to its hosting packages. They adhere to industry standards and are an accredited domain registrar, so the security and privacy of consumer information is guaranteed.

With clear pricing, dependable domain management tools, and domain transfer choices, Hostinger offers domain registration services. To further improve your overall online safety, it is always advised to adopt safe online shopping practises, such as using secure payment methods and safeguarding your account passwords.

»  Learn More here.

Q4. Does Hostinger provide a drag-and-drop web design solution other than WordPress?

Zyro, a drag and drop website creation tool, is offered by Hostinger. Without using WordPress or any CMS, you can construct and customise websites using Zyro, an easy-to-use website builder.

With Zyro, designing a website is as easy as dragging and dropping, making it possible for anyone, regardless of technical proficiency, to create a website that looks good.

You have the opportunity to construct a distinctive and eye-catching website because to the diversity of themes, design components, and customization choices it gives. For individuals who would rather not use WordPress for their website design, Zyro is a fantastic alternative.

»  Learn More here.

Hotinger Rating On Different Rating Website

It’s not just me, but many rating websites and authorities have reviewed Hostinger and found it to offer great value. Most of them have given Hostinger a rating of over 4 stars out of 5. I have prepared a table for you to see the ratings and judge for yourself.

Screenshot 2023 06 10 at 12.32.21 PM
Hostinger Review On Different website. Image Source: ChatGPT

What more would you like to hear to trust Hostinger, especially when the cost is below $3 per month for beginners?

Hostinger is fast, affordable, and provides great support, as you can clearly see here.

The Bottom Line

Hostinger is a premier web host that provides outstanding value for your money. Hostinger is a dependable option for both people and corporations because to its cost-effective price options and plenty of services.

The availability of hosting coupon codes, which enable you to reduce your hosting costs even more, is one of the main benefits of selecting Hostinger.

You can purchase the hosting plan you require at an amazingly low price by using these coupons, which provide large discounts. Who doesn’t enjoy spending less, especially when creating and maintaining their internet presence?

Additionally, Hostinger offers excellent performance and dependability. You can anticipate quick loading times, excellent uptime, and seamless website performance thanks to cutting-edge architecture and strong servers. Hostinger can manage any project, whether it’s a big e-commerce site or a personal blog.

Another area where Hostinger excels is in customer service. Their skilled and helpful team is there to help you at any time by email and live chat. They go above and above to ensure your pleasure, helping you with everything from website setup to technical problem solving.

Last but not least, Hostinger offers a simple and user-friendly interface that simplifies website management. You’ll enjoy the simple control panel and the variety of tools available to simplify your website maintenance responsibilities whether you’re a novice or a seasoned user.

In conclusion, Hostinger is a great option if you’re seeking for a trustworthy, cost-effective, and feature-rich web hosting company. Utilise hosting promo codes to increase your savings and be sure that the hosting service you choose has outstanding performance and customer service. Don’t be hesitant to use Hostinger to invest in your internet presence; you won’t regret it.

»  Try Hostnger For 30 days.

It’s time to take a leave. Thanks for you valuable time.


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