Hostinger Vs BlueHost: Find the better hosting for your website.

Hostinger Vs BlueHost

Are you starting a website and looking for the best web hosting? Let’s compare Hostinger and Bluehost web hosting and select the best for your business.

Fortunately, both are affordable and have a huge number of loyal customers. It makes it quite difficult to compare both.

BlueHost was founded in 2003 and it has got huge popularity in western countries like the US, UK, and Canada.

Hostinger was founded in 2004 and it is quite popular in Asian counties like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and others.

Hostinger VS BlueHost: Pricing Plans & Features.

Hostinger and BlueHost are good web hosting companies and are in huge competition to win the race and get more users.

Hostinger hosting plans start at $1.9/month after discount, whereas BlueHost hosting plans start at $2.95 per month.

These prices may vary based on the period for which you are buying. You will have to buy your hosting for at least 12 months to get this pricing.

However, the more long is your hosting period and plan the more discount you may get.

BlueHost Basic Plan ($2.95/Mon):

  1. You can host only one website.
  2. It gives free domain and SSL for 1 Year.
  3. This plan also includes free CDN for the best speed.
  4. 50GB SSD storage and custom theme.
  5. Unlimited bandwidth.
  6. Easy Drag-N-Drop website builder.
  7. Best 24×7 support. (Better than Hostinger).
  8. Google Ads match credit up to $150 on your first campaign.

Hostinger Hosting Basic Plan ($1.39/ Mon):

  1. You can host one Website
  2. 30 GB SSD Storage
  3. ~10000 Visits Monthly, BlueHost offer unlimited.
  4. 1 Email Account
  5. 100 GB Bandwidth, Bluehost offers unlimited.
  6. Managed WordPress
  7. WordPress Acceleration
  8. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  9. 2 Database

Comparing both Hostinger and BlueHost hosting plans above, it can be clearly seen that even if BlueHost pricing is a little high but it gives free .com domain, free SSL, and unmatched bandwidth.

If you add the cost of the domain, which you will have to buy in addition if you host at Hostinger, it can be seen that BlueHost is the clear winner.

From a pricing point of view and technical features, I will recommend you to buy the BlueHost web hosting plan. You can click here to buy. 

Hostinger Vs BlueHost: Ease Of Starting Website.

I have worked with both web-hosting companies and found there is no significant difference. 

Both hosting companies offer c-panel and easy CMS installer tools to launch your WordPress website in a few clicks. Though the launcher in BlueHost is more advance than Hostinger.

Best Website Design Company In USA/ UK.

However, Hostinger may look cheaper to you. I personally recommend using BlueHost. Don’t go on my words only, let’s see what Carson has to say in this video.

Now you see, even Carson has to say the same.

So far, we have compared Hostinger and BlueHost based on pricing plans, features they have to offer, and the best reasons to select the blue host.

Best Hosting Support Provider:

Though both companies have already a lot of differences, It still worth comparing both companies based on the support they offer once your host your website with them.

Both companies offer 24x7x365 days of support to their customers but Hostinger only offers chat support and even their support is very unresponsive. 

Bluehost offers both chat support, email, and calling support based on the country you are into.

My Experiences:

When I hosted my website with Hostinger, despite hosting on the business plan, the most expensive plan, I had to suffer a lot.

  • Hostinger support was terrible.
  • My site was mostly showing 502 errors when I used Cloudflare CDN for my website.
  • Storage disk was not much optimized and the SSD version offer the best speed.


Though the Hostinger pricing plan looks affordable, it is costlier than BlueHost. BlueHost offers the best support, SSD optimized storage, unlimited bandwidth, free CDN, and SSL  for your website.

Almost at the same price BlueHost offer the best at every place, If I will have to purchase any host for myself or my clients, I will go with BlueHost

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