How to add a social share button to your website?

How to add  a social share button to your website?
Social share for wordpress blog

Friends, we are here with a new awesome topic, how to add a social share button to your website? Many of the people write great articles or publish great products and videos but don’t get a good number of visitors on their website. Even if they get a good number of visitors, they can get even more through social shares. Well, you would decide yourself after know these few things bellow.

Some of the advantages of a social share button?

1. People love to share good things with their friends and family.
2. You reach many people easily with their help and thus more views.
3. It also helps you to generate more trust and revenue.
4. It gives brand felling to your website.
5. It helps in improving the SEO of your website.

Wordpress social share plugin

And more things.

How can we add a social share button to our website?

If you lucky enough to have a WordPress website, you will be able to add easily. even on blogger, it is quite easily, but here we would discuss more about WordPress websites only. Let’s see how to add a button?

social share button
Add to any share
  1. Go to the plugins tab
  2. Click to add new button above plugins
  3. Search for AddToAny share plugin. (Shown above)
  4. Install and activate the plugin and go to the plugins seeting. (click the tab under the wordpress setting tab).
  5. Go the floading tab in plugin setting.
  6. Setup as per your requirement.
  7. That’s it.

Now you have best social share buttons activated on your website.

Hope you have understood the things and can add an easily social share button to your website. If you need any help please feel free to ask. Please also let us know about improvements and other things you would like to know in comments below. Thanks Again.


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