How To Create A Website In 10 Minutes | Easy Method.

how to create a website for free?

Would you like to create a website for your business? Well, It can be done in just 10 minutes. Let’s learn a few things about website designing.

Yes, It’s quite easy and you can create a website in 10 minutes but for different kinds of websites, it may take longer.

You could be a professional website developer in a few days of practice, I mean adding creativity to a website. It doesn’t require any technical or coding knowledge. 

Things you can learn here-

  1. How to design a website in 10 minutes?
  2. How save your development cost?
  3. How to get a free domain and hosting?
  4. Why Paid Hosting is best?
  5. Where to get free SSL?

Design Your WordPress Website Easily-

A website can be build using many tools and programming languages like HTML, CSS, JAVA but WordPress is a pre-developed Content Management System somewhat like WIX. It gives you the facility to create a website like a drag-n-drop without any coding.

Using this, you can easily design your WordPress Website in 10 Minutes. It easy and simple for everyone.

How To Create A Website In 10 Mins –

  • A Domain: Name for your website like “
  • Web Hosting: Online space to keep your website files and serve users
  • SSL: It secures your website from hackers and encrypts the data “Https://”.

You may buy website hosting and domain at a very very affordable cost here.

Why Paid Hosting is best?

Paid hosting is best due to many reasons-

  • You get proper support from the company.
  • They are faster and more secure.
  • The lesser risk of losing your website and data.
  • They don’t serve ads on your site.
  • They give more features like brandwidth than free hosting.
  • They backup your site daily or weekly.
  • Best for high SEO Score and user experience.
  • You can design any kind of site you like.

All these things will cost you around $40 to $100, depending on the needs of the website.

How to create a website & save development cost?

  • Get FREE or PAID hosting.
  • Follow the methods discussed in the video above.
  • Design your website in just 10 minutes.

Please watch the above video, This can help you in creating your first website and you can save $200 to $500 developer cost.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here and bookmark this site, so that you can read the reply.


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