How to make a green screen video | Change background easily.

how to make a green screen video

Green screen video is a very old concept and before learning about “how to make a green screen video” let’s learn about what is it?

Many Hollywood movies like Avengers, Aquaman, and others are filmed with the help of a green screen.

Green or blue screen video editing is magical and widely used in all kinds of industries to make professional videos. Nowadays, many TikTok starts to use this trick to create great special effect videos.

What Is Green Screen Video?

To remove or change the background from any video, it is really very important to shoot the video putting the green screen behind.

What we have seen in movies like Avengers, X-Man, and other SI-FI movies is the result of this awesome technique. You can easily use the GREE CURTAIN while recording the video and later remove the background.

There are many video editing apps for both mobile and PC that can help you remove the background.  Commonly this feature of the app is called “Chroma Key“.

Green screen movies

How To Make Green Screen Video?

We have discussed what is green screen video and how we shot a green screen video. Let’s talk about some best apps you can use to edit the green screen videos.

IMovie: I movies are a free inbuilt app in Macbook laptops and you can use this app to remove and replace the background from a green screen recorded video.

You can see me editing as Green Screen Video on the IMovie app below:

There are some other great apps like Final Cut Pro X, Filmora, and KimeMaster (For Smartphone).

How to do green screen video on TikTok

Now a day, It’s becoming popular among TikTok users. TikTok is a Chinese app let you share a short video of almost all kind like comedy, education, and others.

Here is a quick video that can help you to create a green-screen video for your TikTok accounts.

Green Screen And Remove Images Background

Yes, It’s true. You can capture images and remove the image backgrounds too like the video. There are many tools that can help to change images background.

However, we can remove image backgrounds even if it is not shot using the green background. There are many free websites and apps, that can help you.

Remove BG: For creating a banner or personal and professional uses, you may use AI-based apps and sites to remove the background.

Change Images Background For Free


We have learned “how to make a green screen video” and even we can edit easily using apps like IMovie, Filmora, and KineMaster.

You can create professional videos for your business or personal use using the green screen effect.

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