How to start a blog for free and earn online?

How to start a blog for free and earn online?

How to start a blog for free and earn online? Let’s see.

Friends without wasting any time let head on to the best possible.

Best Platforms For Blogging 

1. Blogger (
2. WordPress (

You can easily start your blog on blogger for free but if you go ahead with WordPress, you may need to pay approx $3 every month.

Blogger Website designing

How you can start a blog on Blogger

Blogger is the best platform and more effective as compared to the WordPress. Blogger is the best platform offered by Google for free, where you can easily start your blog in a few steps and start writing articles to make a lot of money online. Let see how you can do this?
1. Go to the blogger site.
2. Register with your Gmail account and chose the subdomain (URL) for your blog. Check the images above.
3. once you have created your blog, go to the “post” tab and start new articles.
Earn online with blogger
earn online money


After you have successfully written a few articles, your account will be eligible for monetisation and that you can earn form showing Google ads.
Friends we will be learning about how to monetise, write articles, marketing and a lot more in our coming tutorials.
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