How To View Subscribers On YouTube In Just 2 Minutes.

How To View Subscribers On YouTube 2021-22

For a YouTuber, subscribers matter a lot. We will love to address your query: how to view subscribers on YouTube for your channel and any other channel.

You can check the subscribers for almost any channel you like and it’s quite easy.

How to view subscribers on YouTube?

If you are a beginner and recently started a YouTube channel, it could be a little hard to scale your YouTube business.

Recently, YouTube created a policy where 4000 video watch hours and 1000 subscribers are needed to apply for Google Adsense monetization.

That has increased the level of competition but we best a post grow your YouTube subscribers and views.

Anyway, Let’s learn “How to view subscribers on YouTube” in just 2 minutes. You don’t have a need to log in to any YouTube account to check that.

1: Visit SocialBlade website

Yes, this website will help you check YouTube subscribers for almost any channel, and not just that, you will be able to check YouTube channel ranking, earrings, and a lot more.

Sounds good?  Visit the SocialBlade website here on mobile or PC.

SocialBlade- YouTube Video Stacks
SocialBlade- YouTube Video Stacks

Wonderful, Now you are at the SocialBlade website. As you see on the SocialBlade home page, there is a search secreting that requires your YouTube channel URL to track the channel data.

2. Paste the channel URL in the search section

Now, you shall open the home page of any YouTube channel and copy the channel URL paste the URL in the SocialBlade website search section, as shown below.

how to view subscribers on YouTube
Check your subscribers on YouTube

It’s obvious, from mobile and desktop, you can check the subscribers in just 2 minutes just by going to the channel home page.

Next to your channel icon/ logo, your subscriber’s count is displayed but in some cases, they are hidden. 

3. Enter the URL and search to view the subscribers.

For in-depth tracking, plate the channel URL in the search section on the SocialBlade home age search section as shown below:

Social Blade Channel Tracker
Social Blade Channel Tracker

Once you enter the channel URL and hit the search button, It will dimply all the data reared to the channel as shown in the below-given image.

View YouTube Subscribers, Earning And Rank
View YouTube Subscribers, Earning And Rank

Wonderful!  You have learned it. 

Basically, you can view any channel YouTube subscribers including your own channel and your competitor channels.

The takeaway for you.

We have covered the best ways on “How to view subscribers on YouTube ” in just 2 minutes. I will recommend using SocialBlade over the nomad method to view the YouTube subscribers count.

This method works on mobile browsers, PC and on YouTube apps. For the YouTube app, you need to go to the profile section (channel page) of any channel to check its subscribers count.

It’s a free and legitimate way to view any channel YouTube subscribers.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact us!

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