Landing page designing for free that converts traffic.

Landing page design

I am sure, you are excited to learn “landing page designing that converts“. Well, you will learn it for sure, please read the full article and #SHARE if it helped you at the end.

Let’s understand the first landing pages and how they are different than normal websites. Later we will follow 101 techniques to develop your awesome landing page design that converts.

Landing Page- Unlike the normal websites, landing pages are intended to generate leads or sales easily. We mostly use “Call-to-Action” button and all useful information to easily make a sales or generate leads.

** A Landing Page is the page where your user’s reach (sees) first organically or after clicking a web page link. Landing page designing is easy, you can learn here.

#1. Why you need a landing page-

Well, landing pages are the new trend to generate leads and sales but, there are many great reasons for creating this as following-

  1. To generate leads and sales easily.
  2. Makes it easy to navigate and saves your users from being flooded with unwanted and less important information.
  3. Higher click-through rates and easy to generate leads.
  4. Less development cost compared to a full website.
  5. It keeps the information simple to understand and take action.
  6. Best option to generate a good number of leads at a lower cost if you are using paid ads to promote your website.
  7. It consumes less server space and lodes faster than your normal website.

** You can learn about the basic difference between a landing page and a website. << CLICK HERE>>

 #1.1 Elements of a landing page that converts

  • Leads form- to easily capture leads.
  • Well optimized call-to-action button with highly engaging button text.
  • Short and smart summary of your product and services.
  • Include user reviews to get more results.
  • Make page load faster by optimizing your web page.
  • Make it attractive using explainer graphics.

#2. Landing page designing that converts-

So far, we have understood “why we need a landing page?” and   “what is a landing page?”.  You would love to get your answer to “How to design a landing page that converts?“.

Well, If you have a WordPress website, you can easily design your landing page but no worries, we have to learn about other best methods too to design your landing pages for FREE.

1. For WordPress users-

  1. Install the Elementor plugin and Funnel Builder By CartFlow plugin on your WP website.
  2. After activation of these TWO PLUGINS, make select pre-designed Funnel/ landing page designs.
  3. Edit the template (No coding skills required) and fill will the information as per your need.
  4. Now you are ready with your own landing (Funnel) page.

** Here is a video to help you learn and use both plugin on your WordPress website to design you landing pages.

Well, you can also follow the below-given video tutorial to learn “How you can design a landing page that converts” and design your landing page in just 10 Minutes.

You can also design the best landing page only with the Elementor plugin from scratch. Watch here- how to design a landing page that converts?

2. For New WordPress Users-

If you don’t know about WordPress website designing, you can follow the below-given steps to design your landing pages for free.

  1. Go to MailChimp’s free landing page builder website here.
  2. Signup for free and click on the “Create Campaign” option in the dashboard.
  3. Once a popup opens, select the option “Landing page design”.
  4. Now, give your landing page a name.
  5. Editing your landing page using the DRAG-AND-DROP tool without any coding.
  6. Once you have created your desired landing page, hit publish.
  7. Finally, you will get your landing page URL after publishing there.
  8. You can refer anyone to this page for any purpose.

Here, We have a great video to help you with landing page designing on MailChimp for free- Watch Here.

Yes, there are also some other great tools to help your design a landing page for free with any technical knowledge and CONVERT LEAds more than ever.

  • ConvertKit– You can visit this page and design your landing page that converts. It free to start, watch the above video tutorial.
  • HubSpot– you can also design your freelancing page here without any prior skills.

Well, there are many other websites helping  for landing page designing.  Create a highly converting landing page, though all the sites I have shared above are really good to start for free.

Friends, I have tried to help you learn and design a landing page that converts. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

You can also join me at my Instagram profile here @Mani.Adviser or order your landing page website at my partner website here.


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