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If you want to learn how you can speed up your website or how can you optimize your website speed, this post is going to be very very helpful.

Well, if you have a WordPress website, it’s a lot easier however you can also optimize other types of websites.

A well-optimized website delivers the content very smoothly and reducing the load time for the users. Moreover, it also helps you to rank your website on Google easily.

Check your website speed, before you learn and optimize your website performance here- Website speed checker.

Why You Should Optimise Your Website-

There are many reasons, however, some of the tops reasons are below-

  1. High user interactions and less bounce rate.
  2. It is a very important SEO factor for ranking your website easily.
  3. Better speed attracts more traffic, leads, and revenue.
  4. Put a great impression on users.
  5. Attracts more backlinks, good for SEO.

Well, these are some common reasons which suggest you speed up your website.

How You Can Speed up Your WordPress website-

Yes, there are two best ways to optimize your WordPress website-

  1. Install a best cache plugin and plugin to optimize images

Yes, install any best cache plugins like Wp Super Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, or W3 Total cache plugins and configure it. All these plugins are absolutely free.

Here, we have video help you learn, install, and configure your cache plugin on your WordPress website.

But, also cache can’t make your website as fast as you want.

You need to install the best image optimization plugin-

Fortunately, there are many plugins to reduce, crop, compress, optimize, and lazy load your website images and speed up your website.

imagify plugin- speed up your website reducing image size.

  1. Smuch Plugin– it’s the best FREE WordPress plugin to help you optimize, crop, compress, and lazy load your website images. It has a limit of 2000 images optimization every month.
  2. Imagify Plugin– it is also a best image optimization plugin you can install for FREE and even convert your images in the web format to lead it fast.

Yes, you are almost done here. However, you need a good website hosting server also to get the max possible performance. I myself love this company for giving the best and affordable hosting services > Checkout The Hosting Site Here.

   2. Cloudflare Website –

Yes, you can also optimize your website with the help of the Cloudflare services. This website offers FREE SSL, CDN, and many great things to speed up your website for free.

Fortunately, this method works for any kind of website. You can configure Cloudflare on WordPress, Prestashop, HTML, PHP, and any other platform website.

How to use Cloudflare to speed up your website-

  1. Create an account on the Cloudflare website.
  2. Add your website domain to the dashboard.
  3. Verify your domain (website URL) nameservers.
  4. Map DNS details if not synced automatically.
  5. Turn all optimization buttons to help Cloudflare optimize your website.

The best part about Cloudflare is, it offers free CDN means distributes your website data on different servers and delivers to the user searching from his nearest server location.

Here we have a great video to help your set up your website on Cloudflare- CLICK Here.


Well, I am sure this post has helped you solve your website speed issue to the great extent. If you need help speeding up your website or any related things, please comment below.

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