Top 5 FREE Traffic Sources for New Websites.

Top 5 FREE Traffic Sources for New Websites

Are you looking for the best ways to generate huge traffic for your website? We are going to discuss the best ways to increase website traffic and sales.

Organic website traffic and referral website traffic are among the best ways to get huge traffic and improve your SEO ranking in Google Search Console.

However, it’s not that easy. I can’t be joking with you. If you really know what you are looking for this, you should consider giving your genuine effort. 

Huge traffic for your website:

Website traffic means, more sharing, better SEO ranking, and revenue inflow. The more traffic you get on your website the more money you can make from there.

There could be many ways to monetize your website and the more traffic you’re getting the more charges could be there of marking a handsome about of earning every month online.

Here is what Neil Patel has to say.

Fortunately, if you looking at “how to increase organic traffic” and how you can get FREE website traffic, read the full post.

Top 5 FREE Traffic Sources for New Websites.

Let’s discuss the top 5 free sources of huge organic and referral traffic to your website. If you are an SEO expert, you know how backlinks help you get more traffic and better SEO ranking.

But, you can apply these methods for free and get more and more free organic traffic.

1. Quora

It’s the easiest way to get the best quality backlinks for your websites. Quora ranks 87 among the top 100 websites globally and it is free to signup.

As you can check from the below-given image, gets 540 Million plus of organic and referral traffic to their website.

But it’s an opportunity to get as much traffic as your like for your website. 

Quora is a question-answer community website and you can join for free. Many people as for questions and you can answer questions related to your niche.

You can include the links of your website in the answers and eventually, people start coming to your website clicking the link in the answers.

Quora: Free Website Traffic Method
Quora: Free Website Traffic Method

It’s a genuine method of buying backlinks for your website.

Quora questions get millions of views and from a single answer that you write there, you may get millions of traffic to your website also.

“If you don’t focus on the quality of your answers  and give value to other people on Quora, you will not get huge views on your answers and likewise you will get less traffic to your website.”

2. Facebook (Meta)

Facebook recently names itself “Meta”. We all know that Facebook is a social networking website and it’s the 3rd largest website in the world.

Facebook gets nearly 20 billing traffic to their website and that’s why it’s could be a source of traffic for your website.

Facebook: Drive huge traffic from FB.

1. Join as many groups and pages related to your niche.
2. Also create social media pages for your website on Meta (Facebook) and other social media websites like Instagram.
3. Post on regular basis on these groups and pages to get more reach and views.
4. You will eventually begin to see 2 to 10% of total post views of real users will be to check out your website.
5. Also engage with users to get more free traffic, views, and sales.

The Facebook audience is really hot and you will get conversions on your Facebook referral traffic to your website.

If your Facebook and Instagram websites don’t have a good number of followers, you can read this post to get more Instagram followers and earn on it.

3. Google Organic Traffic (SEO)

We all day or every hour search for something on google as we know, Google has answers to all of your queries.

But how does it work?

Actually many bloggers, website designers, and marketing agencies keep on creating good content to help people online just like this post.

If you search for something, the Google search engine bot checks all the websites with relevant content and displays the best possible to match your queries.

So, somehow, you know Google helps you to get traffic to your website if you have the right content on your website which a user is looking for.

Basically, we do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for our content and website to help search engines find the website and show it to the users searching for similar things.

This way users click the link to your website at Google and you get free traffic to your website organically.

This is basically called Organic Traffic and the better would be your SEO score the more traffic you can get from Google at no cost.

Sounds Cool?

Top 5 FREE Traffic Sources for New Websites
Best FREE Traffic Sources for New Websites

As you can see from the above image, Facebook receives more than 73% of traffic on its website from the top three social media websites and apps.

4. YouTube – Free Traffic Method.

Either your get traffic organically using SEO or using refer method. From the example of Facebook, it’s obvious the YouTube is the largest source of traffic to their website.

But, it is not good for Facebook only, you can also get millions of FREE traffic to your website using YouTube. 

How can your get free traffic using YouTube?

Well, YouTube is a video sharing and almost everyone have might have seen some videos there to learn to entertain themselves.

But, you can also create the best quality videos and publish them there for absolutely free. You can learn to create videos without editing skills and make money from YouTube

Even without creating your own video, you can publish copy-and-paste videos on YouTube and get more and more views.

Make Money From YouTube Without Creating Videos.

Yes, once you publish your videos, you shall include the link to your website, affiliate page, and offer pages to get free traffic to your desired website and pages. 

So, here is “how to get millions of traffic to your website” for free and how YouTube can also be a great source of free traffic for affiliate marketing, Google Adsense revenue generation, social share and maximize the traffic to almost any web page.

5. Guest Blogging

Just like all the above methods is the best among the “Top 5 FREE Traffic Sources for New Websites” and you can easily boost your traffic for free.

Fortunately, Guest blogging helps you to get more backlinks at high DA websites, and this way you get more credit from the Google Search engine, and also you get free referral traffic to your website from Guest Post.

High DA guest posts make your website stand out from the competition and your website becomes eligible for ranking higher on the Google search results page.

You shall connect with other bloggers of similar niches and request them to post an article containing your website links.

If you post this way on popular websites, their users will be to clicking links within the arctics and come to your website for learning more.

So, it’s best for SEO and free traffic to your website. 

Wow Reaction | 5 best strategies to boost your online traffic.
Shocking Reaction: did you know?

How do guests post on other blogs?

Well, if there are many free Guest post bogging groups on Facebook from where you can find the right blog to post your articles.

However, sometimes you may have to pay $10 to $50 per post. But it is worth more than paid ads.

Paid ads normally charge you $1 to $10 per victors on your website for trier one countries like the USA, UK, and Australia. It depends on the niche you have selected and the targeted audience size.

As per paid marketing agency, paid ads are quite expensive and you need a handsome budget to start promoting your business online.
There are other ways too to find the right blog for guest blogging.

Search on Google for posts related to your niche and visit the top-ranking websites.

Find their contact distills from the contact us page and social page and send them mail and messages requesting allow them for Guest posting. 

Out of 100 emails and message your send, there is a high chance that you will surely get 5 to 10 opportunities to post on their blogs for free.

These Top 5 FREE Traffic Sources for New Websites are like goldmines for many people. If you’ve any questions or want to promote your business online, please contact us here.

Question And Answers:

Q1. How to increase website traffic for free in 2021?

Follow all 5 methods we shove shared above to get huge free traffic to your website without spamming the search engines.

Q2. how to get traffic to your website fast?

I believe guest posting and social sharing are the best ways to get huge traffic as fast as possible. However, YouTube is also a reliable source your can try.

Q3. how to increase organic traffic?

Well, on-page and off-page SEO is the best method to rank your website higher in Google and other search engine search results.

However, Guest Blogging, link building, and social sharing are parts of SEO, and if you do them in a good way. You will surely start getting huge traffic every month.

Q4. How to get millions of traffic to your website?

I can’t lie to you. YouTube, Facebook,, and Medium are four free and best sources to drive huge traffic to your website.

However, it depends on how many views and engagement your grab on any of such websites.

Yes, it’s possible to get millions of traffic to your website using only these 4 sources.

Q5. how to increase website traffic in India and US?

Well, it is not different to get traffic from different countries. These mentos are equally valid for all countries and even if you are targeting globally.

6. How long for a new website to get traffic?

If you follow things in the right ways, you will surely begin to see 100 to 500 daily visitors from the first month

But, to get millions of free website traffic, you need to give at least 6 months to 2 years to your website.


SEO, Link building, Social media sharing, Guest blogging are some best ways to drive traffic to your website as soon as possible.

Follow the methods we have shared above to learn in detail and how your website traffic to your desired level at zero cost. Our Top 5 FREE Traffic Sources for New Websites are useful for all the users across the globe.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.

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