5 Easy Passive Income Ideas: $20 to $500 Daily

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Anyone can make money online passively.

It’s possible to earn $100 to $5000 and even more. However, it entirely depends on your skills.

To be very clear, I don’t want to waste your time. If you are passionate, this post will hardly take 5 to 10 mins of yours to learn something profitable.

I am bout to share the 5 Easy Passive Income Ideas for anyone from anywhere to make $100 to $1000000+ online.

Let’s get to the topic.

I’m sure that you are ready to dive in now.

Easy Passive Income Ideas:

I have already shared the 10 best ways to make money online that helped 1000s of entrepreneurs like you.

Whether you are willing to work full-time or part-time, it’s going to be the best way to make money passively.

Passive Income- It simply means making money even when you are not doing anything and getting paid for your work have already done or without full-time commitment.

Yes, that’s why many people like it the most.

5 Easy Online Passive Income Ideas:

It’s easy and free to make money passively this way.

  1. Paid Surveys for money
  2. Create and sell courses
  3. Create a blog website
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Drop-shipping online

Hold on, I am not done yet. Let’s learn in detail.

1. Paid Survey – start earning rewards and cash for your opinions.

It’s the easiest, most trusted, and FREE passive income stream that can help you earn money from the very first day.

Join and start earning today.

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Sign up for 👉 InboxDollars by entering your name and email. (Free And no cards required)
  2. Select the surveys of your choice and complete them to earn.

Countries Allowed- United States (for this site).

** If you are not from the USA, you get a similar can be out on this website as soon as you check this out.

There is nothing like full-time commitment and that’s why it’s the best choice to make money passively.

InboxDollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping!

👉 New users also receive $5 just for joining.

This is the third best and most free website to make money.

2. Create and sell courses

Unlike the other methods, it is going to be a bit difficult if you don’t have any skills to teach.

However, if you know something that can be helpful and 1000s of users are looking for, it can make you a decent amount of money.

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Photo By Teach At Udemy.

👉 Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Udemy teachers.
  2. Sign up and create a professional account entering all required details.
  3. Record a video of the course you want to teach and publish it.
  4. Monetize and make money from it.

Udemy has 54 million students form 180+ countries. It’s time to leverage your skills even when you are sleeping.

It’s an easy and free way to make money passively.

Though, it is not limited to Udemy only. There 1000s of online platforms like this where you can sell your course and generate Easy Passive Income.

3. Create a blog website to earn $100+ daily

I started my blog back in 2018 and ever since it has helped me everywhere in different ways.

In my opinion, you must have a blog even if you are a beginner and trying different online methods to make money passively.

How can you earn from a blog?

  1. Monetize with Google Adsense and earn.
  2. Sell sponsored space on your blog.
  3. Sell backlinks to make money.
  4. Promote affiliate products to make money.
  5. You can also sell courses through your blog.

Opportunities are high and it could be the foundation for your successful online journey.

That’s why I recommend creating a blog for passive income.

👉 Learn to create a blog
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4. Affiliate marketing

Unlike the others, as you can see, I provide you with actional data like website links, ways, tips, and tricks to help to start easily.

Affiliate marketing is also a powerful and Easy Passive Income opportunity for beginners as well as established creators.

This post was published at MEDIUM a few days back and it provided great value for my readers to learn affiliate marketing.

Here is another post to help you to learn in detail.

In simple words, you promote products and services to drive traffic, generate leads, or for making sales.

You can do it in different ways. Maxbounty and ClickBank are the most popular affiliate marketing networks.

Photo by cottonbro

I have turned my $100 into $1479 within a month. Learn the secrets of affiliate marketing.

👉 Your first $100 help page.

5. Drop-shipping online

Do you like shopping at Amazon, Walmart, and other similar websites? Well, I am sure you do.

These websites make great money for their owners without significantly investing themselves in them.

How it’s related to dropshipping?

Well, let’s learn about drop shipping.

Dropshipping is a way to sell out-sourced products directly to customers from your own website or by listing at third part sites like Amazon or eBay.

It has a great advantage over traditional e-commerce methods where you require a lot of investment.

  1. No requires little to no investment to start.
  2. No warehouse cost, shipping, or inventory is required.
  3. Great margin and is easy to start.
  4. No investment to purchase the products or tension to ship them.

Basically, you launch your online store and list products which you can easily avail from your supplier at AliExpress or other vendors.

You promote products on your website → User places an order on your website → you place the order to your vendor → vendor packs and ships to his (user) address with your branding → you keep the cut and pay the rest to the verndor.

Don’t take me wrong, drop-shipping vendors are more than happy to pack and ship your products at your price and with your barding.

👉 You can find drop-shipping vendors here.

I love this business model.

To be honest, it’s not going to pay you off from the very first day. Though you can make a decent amount of money.

Drop-shipping products at AliExpress.

👉 To start with my support- contact me here.

This drop shipping business will require a $1000 to $5000 investment. Though you can make $5000 to $100000 every month.

To make money instantly, As I shared above, try this easy passive income website for absolutely free.

The takeaway for you:

I have shared my 5 Easy Passive Income Ideas that will help you to make a decent amount of money online.

Follow my advice to leverage the most out of my 5 Easy Passive Income Ideas:

  1. Nothing can work if you just read and forget — take action.
  2. Your time is the greatest asset that you can have and is almost fixed. Don’t worry about taking risks.
  3. The more you learn the more you grow.
  4. My methods are tested, almost free, and easy to start.

👉 Learn to create a blog.
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I want to help my readers and that’s why I keep publishing great content on various topics.

My 5 Easy Passive Income Ideas will surely help you to “make more money” to start your very first online business.

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It’s time to take a leave.

Thanks for your valuable time.

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