Free $500 Google Ads Credit- Apply Now.

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Fortunately, Google has started giving away $500 (or Rs 20000 in India) free Google ads credit for both USA and India respectively.

If you are from the USA or other European countries, I have already written a detailed post on how to claim free $500 Google ads credit here.

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For India, You need to read this post carefully and don’t miss out on anything. I have been helping 1000s of users across the globe to build successful online businesses with the help of paid and free ad methods.

This could be your golden changes too to claim free Rs 20000 (20K, Twenty thousand) Google ads credit for your business.

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What are Google Ads?

Google ads is a platform created by Google to help you promote your products and services on various websites, apps, and email accounts in different formats.

You can create a video ad and promote it on Youtube, different websites, apps, and partner networks with the help of Google Ads to gain more leads, and sales and to build trust.

Google Ads charges you some money for all of it. However, sometimes Google gives free credit to its users to promote their business.

Eligible for free Rs 20000 Google ads credit ($500):

Google offers different free promotion codes and offers to its users from time to time but they really require you to fulfill some terms and conditions to become eligible for them.

  • You need to create a new Google ads account with a new email id.
  • Spend at least Rs 20K to claim free Rs 20000 google ads credit within 60 days.
  • Don’t promote any unethical or spammy products or services.
  • You can’t claim free Google ads credit on your existing Adwords account.
  • The user email account should be unique.

How to claim free Google ads credit?

It’s a very easy 5-step method to claim your free Rs 20000 google ads credit.

  • Search for Google Ads on Google search.
  • Click the very first website (ads URL).
  • Click on signing and signup with a new email account.
  • Create your first ads and deposit at least Rs 500 for ruining ads.
  • Spend 20K within 60 days and your ads credit will be given to you automatically.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Google ads are really profitable?

Yes, they are highly targeted and profitable provided you set up your ads properly for your products and services.

2. How many times it takes for Google to approve my ads?

Mostly ads are approved within 2 to 3 hrs however, in some cases it may take up to 72 hrs to get approved.

3. How can I track my google ads expenditure?

At the time of creating ads, you are shown the option to enter the manual CPC (cost per click) for that particular ad and CPV for video ads.

So, you decide how much you wish to pay per click based on ads type, industry type, ad audience, and location.

This could be from Rs 0.3 to Rs 5 per click in India and even up to Rs 150 per click for some services. It totally depends on the niche, ad type, and targeted country.

However, all

4. How much in need to deposit to start running ads and claiming free google ads credit?

You can deposit a minimum of Rs 500 at first but need to spend at least Rs 20000 within 60 days to get your free Google ads credit.

5. What kind of ads I can run on it?

You can run various types of as given below:

  • Display ads
  • Search ads
  • Video ads
  • Email ads
  • App installation ads

Mostly these ads are also coming with different variations. So, you need to select ads per your requirements.

6. Can you help me to promote my business?

Certainly, you like it. I will love to promote your business and claim free ads credit for you. However, there will be some changes to this. You can contact me anytime.


Google ads are the most trusted, powerful, and popular ads network for promoting your services online. You can easily claim your free Google ads credit if you follow the post and give your business a new boost.

They’re 10000+ users, who have benefited from it. It’s your turn now. If you could share this post, it will be a big support to me.


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