How to make money on YouTube- Easy step-by-step guide

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Anyone can earn money from YouTube, even if they don’t want to create a video or don’t know where to start.

This “How to make money on YouTube” is going to be very premium content, please don’t miss any part of this post.

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Make money on YouTube | Source: How do YouTubers make money? (Authors website)

Slow and steady win the race. The same goes here and I will reveal all the secrets hidden from you as a beginner.

It’s easy and you can do it. Let’s see why.

  1. It is free to sign up and earn from YouTube.
  2. You can create your video or earn from others’ videos.
  3. You can also earn without publishing any videos.
  4. Even a beginner can earn from the first month.

Let me clarify one thing! YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine and it has 35 billion traffic.

There are many ways to make money from YouTube but my 5 supper easy methods are really helpful mostly people start with.

How to make money on YouTube (Without Creating Videos)

Yes, it is common but doesn’t mean you can’t make money on YouTube.

  1. Create and publish your videos.
  2. Re-publish other people’s “Creative common licensed” videos.
  3. Promote affiliate products and earn money.
  4. Promote your products and services to make money.
  5. Make money from YouTube as a YouTube influencer.
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Opportunities for making money from YouTube are endless. It’s your time to in-cash the most trusted network.

Step 1: How to start?

It’s very easy to start your YouTube channel or earn from YouTube.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the YouTube official website or install the app.
  2. Click the login button on the top right side of the website and log in with your any (You can keep any) Gmail email address.
  3. It will ask to create a channel. Please give it any best name based on the upcoming video niches and save.
  4. Fill the basic details page of your YouTube channel with the relevant details.
  5. Ready to make money from YouTube? It’s possible now.

Yes, it did. Here comes the tough part of making money from YouTube.

Though it’s easy. If you hesitate to go on YouTube. You could be a blogger too.

It takes just $40 to create a premium WordPress blog and you can start making money from it.

Don’t judge me. I am spending hours on research and writing to help you build a profitable online recurring income stream.

Your blog post, youtube video or social shared promotional posts stay there as long as you don’t delete then and keep you bringing recurring income.

One shot time work and long time recurring profit. Why not?

Anyway, YouTube is a great source to make money.

How much you can earn on YouTube? (Authors website)

Step 2: Create videos or re-publish videos.

Don’t take me otherwise, you can make shit a lot of money even without creating a video.

With your video content:

You create educational, entertainment, or any kind of video on trending topics and upload it for viewers to make money from it.

If someone watches the video ads are shown to them and you make 55% of ads earned from Google.

Here is “how much you can earn for 1 million views on YouTube” roughly.

Re-upload videos to earn money:

Yes, even you can download and re-upload other channel videos on your channel to make money from YouTube.

It’s simple, right?

Well, it’s now. You have to keep a few things in mind-

  1. You can only re-upload the video with a “Creative Commons license” on YouTube.
  2. Proper tagging and SEO are still required.
  3. You can easily download videos using the Savefromnet website and apps like TubeMate.

I’m not joking. Let’s see what this YT PRIME has to say in the above video.

Certainly! It makes money the most.

Step 3: Optimise the video for viewing and better earnings.

Please keep this in mind. You must publish videos consistently on YouTube to grow your,r channel subscribers.

Follow these tips to optimize your videos:

  1. Create a catchy thumbnail for each video you publish using CANVA or other graphic tools.
  2. Post on trendy topics related to your niche.
  3. Do proper tagging and keep a good title.
  4. Write at least 250 to 500 words of the video description.

You need to have at least 4000 hours of video watch time and 1000 subscribers with in a year on your channel to make money from ads.

Though you can earn using other methods.

Again saying!

There are several articles on “How to make money on YouTube” but this will be best for all kinds of entrepreneurs.

Alternate WAYS to make MONEY on YouTube:

Yes, not just ads, you can also monetize your YouTube channel in several other ways.

  1. Affiliate marketing– even if you don’t have 1000 or more followers, you can promote affiliate offers to generate sales and commission. You can read this post about affiliate marketing to learn in detail.
  2. Influencer marketing– Help other users or agencies to promote their products or services to your channel audience and make money. This is possible only when you have a decent number of active followers.

This list about “How to make money on youtube” can go on and on. There are many great ways to make money on YouTube.

But, you found some of the gems.

You can also try freelancing and start earning online. Follow the above post to learn in detail.

How to earn money on YouTube? | SourceCIIM

I have shared the #4 best ways to #MakeMoney online with the help of #YouTube.

Keep in mind:

Always keep this in mind for becoming successful as a YouTuber.

  1. Post daily or at least 3 times a week.
  2. Collaborate with popular channels.
  3. Monetize the channel with all the methods at once. It’s possible and easy.
  4. YouTube could be a business or side hustle provided you provide value to the viewers.
  5. Never spam or clickbait.
  6. Dedicate time and hard work.


YouTube is free, easy to set up, and open for anyone to make money. We covered all about “How to make money on YouTube” that works.

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I don’t want to discourage you. However, your success depends on your ability to implement things and your passion for success.

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