Smart Investment – 3 Investment Rules That You Should Know

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Are you ready to make millions in your life? Smart investment for smart people can help you achieve your desired success in the limited time possible.

In my opinion, making money online, building a profitable online or offline business and your first $100000 is quite easy.

I have already discussed several great ways to make $500 to $50000 or more every month from the comfort of your home.

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As you can see, creating a blog can help you to start making a decent amount of money every month online as a side hustle or you can also do it full-time.

Anyway, it’s more important to know how and how much you should save at least to retire as earliest as possible without missing out on anything.

It’s more important to know the best ways to manage the money than earn to achieve your goals.

Disciplined money management, hard work, and smart work like wonders.

Together, they are like the 8th wonders of the world which is basically “compounding of money”.Yes, let’s take an example.

$1000000 once time or $100 given to you on the first day and it keeps doubling on its previous day for the next 30 days.

  • Such as the First day → $100
  • Second Day → $200
  • Third day → $400
  • Fourth day → $800

… Similarly, for the next 30 days, you are getting paid.

What would you like to choose?

Well, for me next 30 days recurring is better.

Though I would love to hear your answer, please don’t hesitate to comment below the right answer.

Anyway, the second option is better as you earn more than $100000 in just 30 days that way.

That’s the wonder.

3 Smart Investment Rules That You Should Know:

Well, I am a very talkative person and keep taking some time that is not directly related to the topic.

However, this is something that you should know for sure.

Rule 1. 100 minus “X” Rule (100- X rule)

Let’s suppose your age is “X” means 20, 25, 42, or anything else.

Then, (100- X) 100 minus “X” rules tell you how much you should invest in equities or the stock market.

This means if your age is 25.
Then you will invest 100–25= 75.

Means, 75% of your total investment should be invested in stock market in the form of equities.

There are many ways to invest these days (to save money in the long run) such as Gold, #cryptocurrency, #Mutual-fund, bonds, and equities.

It’s time to make informed decisions.

Rule 2. Called the “Rule of 72”

This tells you how soon you can double your money in a mutual fund, fixed deposit, or other places for fixed interest.

Suppose, you are getting a 10% interest annually on your investment then this calculation can help you double your money.

72 divided by 10 (Percentage of return)= Time takes for double.

This way you can see, it takes 7.2 years to double your money if your annual interest rate on your investment is 10% per annum.

Sounds, really basic, right?

Yes, but it has great importance.

Rule 3. The 40% rule.

It says that your total monthly expenses on EMIs and loan re-payment or any kind of due settlement should never eat up 40% of your monthly income.

That means if you are earning $5000 a month.

Never, take loans or things that push you to pay more than 40%, which is $2000 of you monthly income.

That helps to achieve your dreams in the shortest period.

I would love to hear from you-

Which rule inspires you a lot?

Please comment below.

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Hope this piece of content motivates and gives you some valuable information as always.

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It’s time to take a leave. Thank you for reading.

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