What Is SEO? Grow Your Business Without Paid Ads

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Paid Ads are getting very expensive:

Do you need it? Let me ask you a few questions first.

  1. Leads for your business?
  2. More followers and subscribers?
  3. Buyers, to sell products and services?
  4. More website traffic organically from Google.
  5. Loyal readers, who will buy your course or services?

Almost everyone needs SEO for themselves to grow their business digitally.

A business needs leads or buyers to sell its products or services.

Nearly 72% of advertisement cost is now spent on Digital Marketing over offline marketing.

It is projected that this digital advertisement market share will grow to 785+ billing by 2026.

This means, more and more businesses are trying to generate leads and sales digitally over anything else.

But, It’s very EXPENSIVE.

Yes, I mean PPC ads on Google, Facebook ads, and all other paid are getting expensive day by day.

What to do now?

Well, there is a good way to save millions of dollars yet you will get highly qualified leads for your business as well as you can generate sales for your website.

That’s SEO.

Let me explain.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) / Image Created Using Canva (By Author).

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process of optimizing your website content, blog posts, page speed, internal-external links, generating backlinks, and many other associated things to rank your website in a search engine like Google for user-specific searches.

I mean, you understand the intent of a common user (potential client) on Google, Bing, Yandex, and other search engines and make your site ready to show up there.

Obviously, the better you do SEO for your website there better your ranking for your SITE in Google and more and more traffic will come to your website.

Why SEO is important for businesses?

By now, probably you understand that it helps to save your ads expenditure as well as drives traffic to your website.

But, Why does SEO matter for your business?

Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. SEO helps to drive free traffic to your business website means more sales and more money.
  2. In other words, your traffic can request to take your paid services through your website at a very low cost.
  3. It helps to build brand value in this digital ERA.
  4. Most importantly it can save your expensive PPC ads expenditure and you can get more qualified leads organically that Google loves.
  5. It’s equally good and needed for Medium writers, bloggers, small and big businesses as well as YouTubers.

For every business that wants followers, subscribers, buyers readers, or traffic on their websites, this is the first thing to do on priority.

Frankly speaking, you me, and any business online needs SEO to scale massively without paying a lot.

I have worked with 200+ clients (At Freelancer), so I know how difficult it is to get a new client.

But, as you know by now, SEO can solve the problem.

PPC (pay Per Click) VS SEO:

PPC stands for Pay-per-click ads that you run to drive traffic, getting client calls or news leads from Google and other advertising networks.

It’s a quick way to get traffic and sales but you pay on a per-click basis to these advertising networks.

Thus, PPC (pay per click)… when some clicks on your Ads, you are charged and it can be between $0.1 to $500 per click.

And evermore.

That’s very expensive and that’s why small and medium businesses go with SEO and content marketing.

It’s not that easy but at the same time, you need not pay for each click, which means every time for driving traffic (for leads and sales) to your website.

That’s why businesses love SEO.

They know that sending money for ads will give them traffic as long as they will keep paying for traffic whereas if you do proper SEO for your business website at a fraction of the cost more and more people (qualified leads) will come to it.

That means more sales or leads without paying for each click.

But, it’s not a FREE thing to do until you know it.

SEO also costs some money but it emphasizes creating content to rank your website in Google.

And as soon as your content ranks in Google, you get FREE traffic to your website as long as it’s ranking.

Pros And Cons Of SEO
Image By Author Using Canva. Pros And Cons Of SEO

Pros And Cons Of SEO:

SEO is a great way to cut costs but it has some pros and costs that you need to know.

Let’s talk CONS first.

Cons of SEO:

  1. It’s a slow and time-consuming process.
  2. You need to produce high-quality and SEO-optimised content.
  3. There is huge competition for FREE SEO traffic.
  4. Only websites that rank on the first page of Google get 97% of traffic.
  5. Nearly 90% of SEO experts don’t know what SEO is exactly and will spam you with no benefits over time as finding low-competition keywords is getting tough over time.

Pros of SEO:

  1. SEO traffic tends to believe in your business/services more than paid ADS. It means better ROI.
  2. It’s a slow process but you need not pay every time to generate traffic.
  3. Better reach and interested customers come to you whereas in paid ads you will have to try hard to find the right prospect. That’s why paid Ads sometimes waste your money in user testing.
  4. Google loves business that is doing SEO and helps them pay for paid ads.
  5. It’s a long-term sustainable marketing investment. Honestly, it’s a good way to build great brand value.

It’s meaning less to explain a lot until you really understand this little thing. It’s a great way to grow your business over any other method.

That’s why I love SEO.

Types of SEO?

There are 3types of SEO that you will learn now.

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Gray Hat SEO
  3. Black Hat SEO

Will discuss more of this in the upcoming posts. Please follow ( Mani Pathak ) to get notified.

Primary SEO Techiques?

Based on how you optimize your website and content for ranking in search engines, SEO can be divided into 2 ways.

  1. On page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

Both on-page SEO and off-page SEO are equally important and you need to make sure you have considered all of the Google ranking factors.

How to find the best SEO agency (or Freelancer)?

If you are interested in SEO for your business, there are many great places where you can find the right SEO freelancer (Agency).

  1. Freelancer.com
  2. Fiverr.com
  3. Upwork.com

Many top SEO experts as well as SEO agencies are selling their services on these websites. You can hire to work for you.

How much does SEO cost?

SEO is the best yet very affordable. All you need is an SEO-optimised website for your business before you do content marketing (with SEO) in your niche to make money.

In other words, SEO involves 2 types of costs:

  1. Cost to build a website (in fracture) for SEO.
  2. SEO-optimized content creation and link building.

As per my experience, SEO charges start between $200 to $5000 on average to massively upscale your business with SEO.


Businesses and creators need leads, readers, followers, or buyers to make money as well as to grow their businesses for financial freedom.

Search engine optimization can help your business over paid ads or influencer marketing.

Build and scale your business like a pro. I’m sure you have found great value in this post.

Please share what you think (below).

I’m an MBA graduate in Finance and Marketing. Every time, I try to add more value to my content to help you grow your business.

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It’s time to take a leave.

Thanks for your valuable time.

Mani Pathak
Mani Pathak

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