Zyber365: Man Who Built $100 Million Web3 Startup In Just 90 days

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Zyber365: From Zero to Multi Million Business within a year.

Do you love money? Maybe you would say… I love life, blah blah, and blah, but believe me, I love money more than many things if not everything.

My heart and soul live in businesses, learning what best can be done, analyzing earning potentials, and seeing into businesses that can make money.

That’s why I also write great business analyses and sometimes stories that inspire and give us hope for what can be achieved if we are determined, skilled, and follow the data-driven approach.

Not long ago, the founder of Zyber365 completed his MSC degree from Queen Mary University of London and emerged as an investment banker. In just 4 to 5 years of his career, he has achieved new heights that hardly anyone will believe in.

Yes, he has not been a big shot by any gauge, but today his 3-month-old business has a 1 billion valuation and literally changed the game in the world of cybersecurity and Web3.

I’m talking about none other than Pearl Kapur, who believes in Web3 and AI-based OS — the new innovative operating system that combines the power of Cyber Security and Quantum Proofing to create sustainable and affordable solutions for the future.

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Zyber 365 official website.

On Tuesday, Zyber365 announced that it successfully secured $100 million in funding at a valuation of $1.2 billion. The investment came from the UK-based SRAM & MRAM Group.

Established earlier this year in May, the company is based in London and operates with its operational headquarters in India.

Zyber 365, co-founded by Pearl Kapur and ethical hacker Sunny Vaghela, is a pioneering startup that offers a decentralized and cyber-secured operating system, designed with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Their impressive product portfolio includes a diverse array of Web3 solutions, such as Layer-0, Layer-1, and Layer-2 blockchains, decentralized identities, data analytics, software development kit, a web browser, and a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace.

They don’t just stop here, along with Blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence… they use quantum computing technology layers to build robust security layers to facilitate transactions.

Maybe this is something that is going over heads, but it’s worth the valuation it has received from SRAM and MRAM group, and in 30 days… really astonishing.


What we learned here is, technology, the right skills, and problem-solving can make you endless wealth like Bill Gates and many others as quickly as possible. All you need is the right approach, skills, and vision.

In general, in a meeting, one of the renowned billionaires, Sir Ratan Tata, asked their board members what’s needed to succeed in business.

Someone said vision, others said hard work, and some other said honesty and integrity, among many other things.

He disclaimed all the remarks and said, you need a ROAD MAP (clear path) that you will follow, and everything that they have said will accompany you to make you successful.

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