$381,000 in 30 days — Create a Blog To Earn Like Neil Patel

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A blog can easily generate $1000 to $50000+ every month for you. It can really make you financially free and that’s why I am writing this post. However, your earnings are not limited to that much only.

Believe me or not, it’s possible.

Neil Patel’s blog generates over $381,000 in less than 30 days and this is because it ranks for thousands of highly competitive keywords and receives over 2,436,100 visitors annually.

Well, That could be a tough thing to achieve the same success, but you can easily earn $1000 to $5000 every month.

How can you turn a $ 40 only into a highly profitable online business?

Yes, if you bear with me for 5 minutes, you can create a powerful blog for as low as $40 and start earning.

Blogging is more or less like a passion to help people at the same time, it makes you decent money. You can really break yourself free from the 9 to 5 boring job.

Anyway, You need to have a clear mindset and passion before you start. Many users fail to earn anything because they think of only making money without doing any helpful work for their visitors.

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1. Don’t create a blog unless you really want to help others.
2. It’s not about making money but rather helping people to make money.
3. Best and useful posts can only drive traffic and make you earn anything.
4. Loyal users and a clear entrepreneurial mindset can help you to succeed.
5. It takes a lot of time to build trust and high-quality content.

Initially, you will have to build trust by posting high-quality helpful content to start receiving organic traffic in a few months which can make you earn money from it.

Yes, it is more like your one business and you are going to be an entrepreneur.

Before We Start, A Small Guide “

Yes, blogging is profitable. In this post, we will certainly cover everything in detail. However, let’s see a quick summary of the entire journey.

Please read the entire blog post for better learning and successful blog creation.

Let’s reveal a quick guide before we dive deeper:

1. Hosting and domain setup.
2. Install WordPress CMS for blogging.
3. Install the theme on WordPress and customize it.
4. Prepare and publish laster targeted and high-quality content for your visitors.
5. Publish on a daily basis until you start earning decent money.

Yes, Passion to help internet users and consistency can really fill your hand with gems.

How to create a blog “

Unlike other bloggers, I will try to keep it simple and cover it in a way that will surely help you to build a powerful and profitable blog in any niche.

After setting up a decent blog and publishing some content. Traffic starts coming in organically or from different websites. Once you have decent traffic and trust, you can monetize with the ads, Affiliate marking, and sell banner spaces to make money out of it.

Now let’s go through the whole process in detail.

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“ Web-Hosting Setup (Server) & WordPress installation

To build an independent self-owned blow. you will need a web server and domain name for your blog.

1. Server (Web Hosting): This provides space for your blog files and WordPress to stay online and server users whenever a new request is made. Hostinger Black Friday offer provides the lowest ($2.9/m) hosting solution for your website.

2. Domain: It’s basically the name of your website. This is used to map the server IP for users to easily remember your website name such as “Manipathak.com” and they can easily search and visit your website whenever needed.

A Domain and hosting are needed before we start building your blog website. These are some popular websites from where you can buy a domain and host for the lowest price:

1. Hostinger web hosting: You can get a free domain with hosting ($35/year)
3. Bluehost web hosting: Domain and hosting provider ($40/ year)
3. InterServer: Get A FREE domain with hosting ($30/ year)

Here is how you can purchase a domain and hosting to install WordPress CMS for creating your blog website:

Step1: Step-by-step guide to setup domain and hosting:

Visit the hosting website and select any plan of your choice as shown below; we are taking the hosting website as an example.

1. Go to the Hostinger or any of the above websites and select a hosting plan.

Hostinger Web Hosting Plan

This hosting plan gives you a free domain and SSL included with a yearly subscription. You can easily secure your website. Click the “ select button “ and go to the next page as shown below.

Select a 12 plan for maximum savings.

2. Signup with “Gmail” or any email address and enter your payment details to make the purchase. It will cost you nearly $35 for 1 year.

Fill in the details correctly as shown in the image below at Hostinger.

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Hostinger Web Hosting Plan After Discount

After taking the payment, it will take you to the dashboard where you can select the server location and claim your free .com domain for your blog or any kind of website.

Literally, it takes less than 5 mins to signup and set up the server. Select the server location to any of your preferred locations such as “The United States” or “Mumbai”.

The closer will be the server location to your own location, the more good website speed and SEO you can attain.


If you haven’t created a blog from scratch more than once or twice, you might want to pick one of the two options on the right.

Next, select the “Blog” and “personal website” options in the next questions.

Here is the thing! You are ready to install the WordPress CMS now. Next, Hostinger will ask you which platform you want to use for your site. Select the WordPress option on the left.

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Here, you are supposed to enter your email address and password for your WordPress website (blog) installation or simply click to continue and enter your desired username and password and keep the rest of things as it is.

In the next step, it will ask you for selecting the theme (Template or design for your blog), and select any one of your choices. Click to “Install and WordPress CMS will be installed on your server to build your profitable blog.

Here comes the big challenge!

Yes, you need to customize your WordPress blog to good for your audiences and also some technical setups required to make your site rank in Google.

Let’s say, your domain is “yourbusiness.com” then your WordPress website login URL would be “Yourbusiness.com/wp-admin”.

Enter this URL in the search console and enter the user ID and password that you created previously at the time of installation of WordPress.


Yes, as you have already installed WordPress. You can easily access your WordPress blog admin panel to create content and for designing and optimizing.

Login URL would be: https://Yourblogurl.com/wp-admin (like this) Here, "yourblogurl" is the domain of your website and rest"/wp-admin" login parameter.

Now, it is your turn to design the blog and optimize it for driving free organic traffic for your blog. Ultimately, It’s the loyal audiences who will really make you any money.

Without any traffic, any blog is like a dead man. It will not be helpful for you in any manner.

“ Customizing A WordPress blog

Now, you have already created your blog on a random theme you select while installing WordPress. You can log in and customize your blog to make it user-friendly. Basically UI/UX, tools setup, and other helpful plugin installations to make it work like a premium authority blog.

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners (2022) | Manipathak.com

This video (WordPress tutorial, Above) will guide you step-by-step to customize your blog for the best user experience.

I personally recommend “ Astra” or domain premium themes for free to build a highly optimized blog and install it in your WordPress theme panel.

Previously, we created a great post “How to rank on page one of Google search results”, which can really help you to optimize both on-page and off-page SEO for your blog as well as reveal many great tools and setting you need to do for better rankings.

1. Some of the tools you must have:

These powerful and free SEO tools will be really helpful for you “

1. Yoast SEO Plugin
2. — Graphic designing
3. SocialPilot — Social media automation tool.
4. Elementor Plugin — For blog page designing
5. Rank Math Instant Indexing Plugin
6. Google Web-Stories
7. AMP plugin

That’s really awesome. Isn’t it? Now, you have a well SEO optimized and user-friendly UI/UX blog website. It’s time to build a power full strategy that will drive you free organic traffic to your blog and you will earn from it.

Yes, your blog could be ready but it is not a one-time work that you have done. It required continuous effort, passion, marketing, and organic traffic.

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** This can really be in your favor, provided you follow these simple strategies:

1. Post high-quality content on regular basis (daily basis, if possible) to help your audiences instead of just for making money.
2. Make proper keyword research using SEO tools and create detailed 2000+ WordPress in-depth articles.
3. Post your content on social media groups, and other blogs and build high-quality backlinks.
4. Insure AMP optimization for your blog.
5. Before creating content, write the proper structure of the post.

The complete guide “How to Write a Blog Post From Start to Finish” can be a really helpful source for your blogging journey. If anything is left behind, this video will surely cover it all.

We tried everything to address the “How To Create A Blog” blog and this will certainly help you to live the desired success as a blogger.

3. Set Up Permalinks

Permalinks are static hyperlinks that lead to a particular blog post or page. By default, WordPress automatically generates permalinks when you create a post, with the post ID number coming after your domain.

Random permalinks look like “/P=123” as you can excel your post URL of any random post you created. However, this should be fixed properly to look decent and easy to rank in Google.

Grow Your Business Online

If you’re still reading this post, you’ve purchased your domain and web hosting, installed a theme, and optimized your website to be crawled and found by search engines.

It’s time to monetize your blog and make money from it.

“ Monetise your blog and earn money.

Without monetary benefits, no one can help anyone in the long run or sustain their business. Your blog website needs your time, domain, hosting, and hard work to help others and this must be supported financially.

Yes, this all costs you 100s of dollars and you need to make some money out of it for survival and keep the passion alive.

Don’t worry, You have learned to create a blog in a professional way and this will surely help you to make a decent earning every month from it.

These are some popular ways to make money with your blog “

Monetize your blog with follow earning opportunities and ads networks:

1. Google Adsense — Show ads to your user and make money with the help of Google Adsense.
2. Media.net — It works like Google Adsense.
3. Affiliate marketing — Yes, promote affiliate products on your website and make money from it.
4. Sponsored Banners — Sell banner space on your blog to make money. Businesses hire your space to showcase their products or service if your blog is viral and trusted.
5. E-Commerce — Sell your own products or services through your blog website.
6. Paid courses — Yes, you can create a paid course to help your audience and make money from it.

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These are 6 powerful ways that make money for most bloggers. Even, if you look at this website (my blog), you will surely find some Google Adsense Ads and affiliate offer being promoted.

That really helps me to help entrepreneurs like you.

Yes, if you don’t have time or want expert-level services to create a powerful blog website. We are happy to help you with the same. Our charges are very very low compared to many of our peers.

We will take just $250 to build a premium blog website. However, your hard work is really required to succeed as a blogger and we can’t guarantee it.

People also ask:

Let’s answer a few frequently asked questions.

1. How do I start making a blog?

You need a domain, premium, and affordable web hosting, and some skills before you build a blog. We have covered the entire things in this details article about “How to create a blog” or “ How do I start making a blog “.

2. How do I start writing a blog and get paid?

  1. Set up your own self-hosted blog.
  2. Start publishing great content.
  3. Build organic traffic to your website.
  4. Build a community around your brand.
  5. Start making money by selling ads.
  6. Make money by selling your own products or services.
  7. Make money through affiliate marketing.

3. How do bloggers get paid?

Bloggers are paid in many ways. Here are the 6 best ways to make money with your blog. Most bloggers use Google Adsense to make money and they are paid through bank transfers by Google or PayPal.

4. Is blogging still profitable?

Yes, it is and it will remain profitable even after 10 years. Don’t take me otherwise. Blogging is all about sharing accurate and helpful information with internet users and these technologies, resources, products, services, and knowledge keeps on changing.

There will be always needed for a good trustworthy website and that’s why it will remain profitable even after 10 years.

5. What kind of blogs make money?

Almost all kinds of blogs make money if done properly. However, these are some popular niches where you can start your blogging journey.

  1. Affiliate marketing blog website.
  2. Technical blog
  3. Financial advice blog
  4. Tour and travel blog website
  5. Fitness and health blog website
  6. Fashion help website
  7. E-Commerce products review website
  8. Food and creating a support website
  9. Video blog website
  10. Kids help the blog site
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A powerful blog can really make you earn decent money even when you are sleeping. We covered everything that you will probably need to create a blog website that generated over $5000 every month if done properly.

Hosting web hosting, domain name, WordPress installation and customization, SEO and proper marketing is the key to success as a blogger.

Millions of blogs are created every month, it’s not easy unless you take it seriously. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.


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