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If you don’t have 5 to 10 mins to read the entire post, my serious analysis can help you to grow, simply look for others that you find interesting.

With due respect, It’s going to be a very helpful post and I want only passionate people to read and take benefit from it.

Here is the proof of the viral post:

Now, it’s crystal clear that my VIRAL post at medium got me over 14000 views in just 28 days, last month.

But, you may ask.

How it can help you?

This is very rare when someone shares his post analytics with someone anywhere.

Because this data has many secrets that can unlock great opportunities for every medium author in one way or another.

Hard to believe, but until today, I really took no benefit from DATA (Report) but surely I am going to use it in the future.

Screenshot Of My Medium Viral Post Report — Mani Pathak.

The takeaway from this report:

  1. I got 14.7K views in 28 days.
  2. This post’s 89% of views were from Medium itself (Internal).
  3. 11% of it was from many different publications.
  4. Organic traffic from Google accompanied it.
  5. Somewhat traffic and views from Social Media and other sources as shown.. but it’s insignificant.

It has everything that you really need to interpret the viral post in the best way to make more out of it for yourself.

Let me explain.

My takeaway from this viral post:

  1. If you post ranks in Google, there are high chances that you will begin to get more and more internal and external views. So, you need to do proper SEO. Even if that post has just 17 views from Google but it’s obviously a great signal than anything else.
  2. Your high-quality helpful articles provide great help and get links from top publications even if you are not a writer there.
  3. That post’s length is 3k to 4000 words long and which means, it has a high potential to help Medium readers and that’s why Medium helped me with thousands of views. I mean, it made this post viral.
  4. Traffic from external sources to your Medium post.. let’s say Twitter, Quora and others help you to get viral in a few days.
  5. Maybe you don’t know but when you will read this post “10 ways to make money from home”, you will realize that it has many internal and external links to help others.

User interest and ways to get viral:

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Screenshot Of My Medium Viral Post Report — Mani Pathak.

If you read the analysis above and closely look at the above image, you will be surely able to give anyone a great growth hacking strategy or you can use it for yourself.

Anyway, it’s obvious that the majority of my audience was from 6 key interests or were loving to read.

  1. Technology — 43% readers.
  2. Money — 43% readers.
  3. Business — 35% readers.
  4. Crypto- 34% readers.
  5. Programming — 32% readers.
  6. Science- 27% readers.

This has a lot to say.

I mean, at least 60% of readers had these three interests in common..i.e Technology, #Money, and Business.

If you mix it up with the above data, you can surely write a killer post that can rank and get more views, reads, and followers.


Always read your popular post’s statistics and find who could be your niche audience and how you can reach them.

It’s never impossible to go viral provided you really put your brain and hard work together to make it viral.

Honestly, viral posts are like a goldmine that makes you outperform in a few days or weeks at the same time you make more money.

And, as you can see, it’s easy to write a viral post.

If you have missed any of the important parts above, it would be tough for you to understand. I recommend you read it at least once.

Here is another post, probably you will be interested to read and make money online form home.

How To Make Money From Home In Florida

SEO will surely help to make it easy for you.

Yes, you can write viral posts and make money online in different ways.

How To Make Money From Home In Florida

My post about SEO and backlinks can help you to make it possible.

It’s time to take a leave. Please feel free to comment below.

Mani Pathak
Mani Pathak

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